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Anthropology has a long history of examining kinship in a myriad of ways. As notions of kinship and family have continued to evolve around the world, it is time to ask what anthropology has to say today about family and kinship. Anthropology News invites proposals for an April 2012 thematic series exploring family and kinship from a uniquely anthropological perspective. Topics may include—but are not limited to—new family structures, reproductive technologies, adoption, marriage, divorce, re-marriage and generational relationships. Contributors may also explore how governmental policies or societal movements affect families in action, such as China’s one-child policy or the US Defense of Marriage Act. AN seeks proposals that address these and other issues surrounding this fundamental area of anthropological research.


To participate, email a 300-word abstract and 50–100-word biosketch to AN Managing Editor Amy Goldenberg. We welcome proposals from current AAA members for In Focus commentaries, Teaching Strategies articles, Field Notes pieces, photo essays, photo features, news stories, interviews and more. Proposals for photo essays should also include up to five high resolution photographs (tiff or jpg), each with a caption and credit. Multimedia submissions are especially welcome for All accepted contributions will be published online at for up to 1,600 words, with flexible space for supplemental artwork and other supporting files. Thematic contributions for print AN will be determined based on when completed In Focus contributions of 1,100–1,300 words in length are submitted.

Selected authors will be notified of their status in early January and full articles will be due February 1.

Proposal deadline: December 14
Early submissions are encouraged.

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