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In September 2012, AAA launched the Distinguished Member Program to recognize and commemorate members who have reached the milestone of 50 years (or more) with the association. For more information on the program or if you know someone who should be on the list, please contact us at

Robert E Ackerman | William Y Adams | Alexander Alland Jr| Nathan Altshuler| Barbara B Anderson| Robert  T Anderson| George N Appell

Harold B Barclay | Clifford R Barnett | Marshall J Becker | Harumi Befu | Edward H Bendix | H Russell Bernard | C Henry Bradley | Keith Brown | David M Brugge | Edward M Bruner

Frank A Cancian | Robert L Carneiro | Richard L Castner | D Douglas Caulkins | Ann Chowning | F Ted Cloak | Lucy M Cohen | Myron L Cohen | Elizabeth Colson | Lambros Comitas | Harold C Conklin | George L Cowgill

Jeffrey S Dean | Leo A Despres | Jeffrey M Dickemann | Henry F Dobyns | Paul L Doughty | Don E Dumond

James W Fernandez | Anthony D Fisher | Raymond D Fogelson |Morris Freilich| Ernestine Friedl | Sidney M Greenfield | Gordon L Grosscup | Frederick Gamst | Nancie L Gonzalez | David M Gradwohl | Ward H Goodenough | Nelson H Graburn | William B Griffen | Rena C Gropper | David C Grove | John J Gumperz

Edward T Hall | Edwin S Hall Jr | Joel M Halpern | John H Hamer | Eugene A Hammel | Suzanne Hanchett | Jerome S Handler | Jane R Hanks | Michael J Harner | Ira E Harrison | Alan Harwood | Dwight B Heath | Jeannette Henney |John D Herzog | Ronald E Hicks | Jacquetta Hill | Jane H Hill | Frank A Hoffmann | James F Hopgood | Edward H Hosley | Alfred B Hudson | Robert C Hunt

Jasper C Ingersoll | William Irons

Bernice A Kaplan | Flora Edouwaye Kaplan | Paul Kay Ruthann| Knudson| Pauline M Kolenda | Charles C Kolb| Joan D Koss-Chioino| David B Kronenfeld| Ronald J Kurtz| Bernd Lambert| Gordon F Larson| H Leedom Lefferts| Hope Jensen Leichter| Frederic K Lehman |Robert LeVine |Herbert S Lewis | Olga F Linares | William A Longacre | Nancy Lurie | Owen M Lynch| Patricia J Lyon

David W McCurdy| Donald McVicker |George R Mead | Richard H Meadow | Joan P Mencher | Simon D Messing | Susan F Messinger | William E Mitchell | William P Mitchell | Hattula Moholy-Nagy | G Alexander Moore | Felix Moos | Muriel Myers | Thomas Myers

June C Nash | Ralph W Nicholas

Keith F Otterbein

Anna H Paulsen | Thomas C Patterson | Oriol Pi-Sunyer | David W Plath | Leonard Plotnicov | Joanne Poehlman | Irene Portis-Winner | Leopold Pospisil | Irwin Press | Barbara J Price

Dana Raphael | Patricia C Rice | Cara E Richards | Peggy O Roberts | Sarah A Robinson | Ronald P Rohner | Abraham Rosman | George Roth | Nan A Rothschild | Paula Rubel

Marshall D Sahlins | Zdenek Salzmann | Walter H Sangree | Ernest L Schusky | Robert L Schuyler | Norman B Schwartz | Karl H Schwerin | Willis E Sibley | Sydel Silverman | Philip Singer | Edward Brewer Sisson | Melford E Spiro | Roderick Sprague | Merton W Stancliff | Philip L Stein | James H Stirling | I Thomas Stone | Sydney R Story | Constance R Sutton | Peter T Suzuki

Michiko Takaki | Nancy P Troike | Rudolph C Troike

Helen E Ullrich

Albert L Wahrhaftig | Ben J Wallace | Ronald G Waterbury | Patty J Watson | Alex Weingrod | Norman E Whitten | Harry F Wolcott | Alvin W Wolfe

Allan Young | Virginia H Young





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