Forging Opportunities

NAPA membership has the ability to be infinitely more than a line on a resume or CV. It can facilitate introductions, conversations, and collaborations. As new members on NAPA’s Communications Committee, our wish is for other student NAPA members to see their involvement as a hugely productive medium for professional development. It’s typically pretty easy to join an organization, but how much should you be involved? When? In what way? Ultimately, the answers to those questions are completely relative to the individual.

Opportunities come from connections and the desire to collaborate. Sometimes those connections are difficult to earn. Sometimes they seem serendipitous. We believe it is vital to view those connections as opportunities that can leverage membership in an organization for personal and professional development. This is particularly important for graduate students and new practitioners.

Upon reflecting on our experience as volunteers with the NAPA Communication Committee’s  web development project, we’d like to both express our gratitude for the invitation and this opportunity to reflect on the role of connections for students and young professionals in contributing to the NAPA community. We both felt that this would be a perfect chance to participate in a NAPA initiative that offers new connections and an opportunity to gain experience working with organizational committees—and it certainly has.

As part of the web development project, Angela will be able to put into practice both her training in design and anthropology by creating a short website usability survey that will be sent out later on the soon-to-come new NAPA listserv, PraxAnth. The survey will seek to gain user insight in the NAPA student/faculty web page’s key functions and features, ease of use, and areas for improvement. Shane’s focus is organizational design and is excited to oversee this effort and further develop connections within the anthropology community.

Getting Involved

Are you interested in opportunities like this?

To volunteer with the NAPA Communications Committee, contact Terry Redding at For other general volunteer opportunities within NAPA contact Jason Lind at NAPA is excited to continue building practitioner participation in organizational efforts and welcomes any and all who are interested. The different NAPA Committees and their descriptions can be viewed at practicing anthropology.

NAPA Links

Keep up with NAPA on TwitterFacebookLinkedInNAPA news in ANNAPA website, and on PraxAnth, the NAPA listserv, coming soon!

Shane Pahl ( and Angela Ramer ( are MS of applied anthropology candidates at the University of North Texas. They currently serve as volunteer editors of the student/faculty section of NAPA’s webpage under the direction of the Communication Committee led by Terry Redding. With shared and combined interests in business and design, they are leveraging their skills to redesign part of the NAPA website and foster a greater connection between new and veteran practicing anthropologists. They view their involvement in NAPA’s web development as an opportunity for engaging more with the practitioner/professional community, seek mentorships, and develop their professional network. This opportunity is one for personal and community development as they feel they can have a part in helping NAPA build a solid platform for future communication and growth.

To submit contributions to NAPA Section News, please contact Contributing Editors Lisa Henry ( or Jo Aiken (





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