NAPA had a busy summer between launching a number of wonderful new initiatives and planning for the AAA meeting in Chicago in November.  A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their relevant answers has been developed by the NAPA Mentor Committee and has been posted in the Careers Section of the NAPA website.  These FAQs are drawn from many of the questions that NAPA mentors have received in the past few years that address applied anthropology as a career, appropriate coursework and thoughts about graduate school.

NAPA now has many information outlets, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the website and Anthropology News Online.  NAPA members Jo Aiken, Karen Greenough and Chad Morris have just created NAPA’s own listserv, PraxAnth.  NAPA is also producing original online content weekly.  On NAPA’s LinkedIn page, Kristin Keller and Nicole Conand have been posting biweekly interviews with practitioner anthropologists.   In alternating weeks, Dan Jordan has been coordinating a new blog series on the NAPA website.  Blog postings feature comments and updates from the NAPA Governing Council members related to the behind-the-scenes functioning of NAPA.

The Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC) was held in London this year.  The EPIC conference promotes the use of ethnographic investigation and principles in the study of human behavior as they are applied to business settings.  EPIC encourages the integration of rigorous methods and theory from many academic disciplines and fields into a range of business practices.  It also promotes public recognition of practicing ethnography as a profession.  NAPA played a role in the development of EPIC which continues to grow in popularity.

The Governing Council has also been busy helping with the planning of NAPA activities for the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago (Nov 20 – 24, 2013).  Ellen Puccia, Program Chair, and her committee have put together an exciting program including sessions on Anthropologists in the Job Market; The Practice of Anthropologies World Wide: Moving Beyond “Applied” & “Academic” Models;  Do we have an Image Problem: Ethical Problems in Evaluation Anthropology;  Interdisciplinary Engagement: Advancing Anthropology in Industrial & Organizational Contexts, and many more.  Sabrina Scott, Workshop Chair, and her committee have put together many interesting workshops such as NAPA Workshops on: the Design Process;  Effective Negotiating for Anthropologists;  Mixed Method Evaluation: Quantitative or Qualitative or What?;  and many more.  See the AAA website for the 2013 preliminary program.

In addition to the NAPA sessions and workshops, there will be poster sessions and special events such as the Careers Expo on Friday, an event organized by Cathleen Crain that brings together industry and anthropologists;  the NAPA Networking Event on Saturday, an event organized by Sabrina Scott that provides a forum for engaging conversations; and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings.   If you are not participating in one of the above activities, there are still many ways to be involved with NAPA during the annual meeting.   Volunteers are always needed for instant mentoring opportunities and for staffing the NAPA table which is generally located in the book exhibit.  Also, we are always looking for volunteer to join NAPA committees and help NAPA work.  Be sure to let our Volunteer Committee Chair, Jason Lind ( know if you can help with the meeting or would like to work on a committee (see our website for a list of possible committees. Keep NAPA in mind when you are “looking for something to do” and/or when you have special interests or concerns.

Don’t for get to join us at our Annual NAPA Business Meeting on Friday evening from 6:15 to 8:15.  This will include the awarding of the student awards and the WAPA Praxis Award.

See you in Chicago…..

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