In August, the EAS held a special election to fill three positions: two board members at-large and president-elect. I am pleased to announce that Peter Richerson has been elected our new EAS president-elect, and our new members at-large are Karen L Kramer and Jeffrey Winking. They will take office during the annual AAA meeting this month.

Peter Richerson is an emeritus professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis. He has been a member since the inception of the society and is a key figure in the development of dual-inheritance, or gene-culture co-evolutionary, perspectives on the evolution of human behavior. He is currently working on a project to develop practical applications of cultural evolutionary theory in the area of organizational management. This project is funded by the Collins Family Foundation. Richerson served as the president of the Evolution and Human Behavior Society between 2009-11. The EAS president-elect serves two years as president-elect and two years as president

Jeffrey Winking is an assistant professor of anthropology at Texas A&M. Winking has been an EAS member for six years. His research focuses on family formation, parental care and prosociality. As a member of the board, he looks forward to working to promote the growth of our membership, our graduate support and our presence at the annual meeting. Karen L Kramer is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Utah. Her research interests include comparative life history, demography and ethnography. Board members at-large serve four-year terms.

In addition to the changing of the board, the 2013 annual meeting will again be host to a strong series of EAS sponsored and invited sessions, showcasing the dynamic research conducted by its membership. Here’s a brief sketch of EAS activity:

  • Thursday 12:15-1:30 pm Board Meeting (board members only)
  • Friday 6:15-7:30 pm Business Meeting (open to all members)
  • Saturday
    • 8-9:45 am Social Network Analysis in Evolutionary Anthropology (invited session; James Holland Jones, Organizer)
    • 10:15-12 pm Beyond Anonymous Games: Methodological Advances in the Evolutionary Study of “Current Engagements”
      and “Future Publics” (Matthew M Gervais, Organizer)
  • Sunday
    • 8-9:45 am Cultural Transmission in Context: Learning, Teaching, Cognition, and Human Evolution (Adam Howell Boyette, Chair)
    • 10:15-12 pm Cooperation, Kinship, Friendship, and Collective Action (Brian M Wood, Chair)
    • 12:15-2 pm Building the Future of Public Health with Insights From Evolutionary Anthropology (Bria Dunham and Jonathan Stieglitz, Organizers)

More information on these sessions and general information about EAS can be found at our website. You can also follow EAS activities and broader discussion of relevant issues on our Facebook page and now on Twitter.

Adam Howell Boyette is the EAS Section News contributing editor and an independent scholar. He conducts research on childhood, social learning, and cultural transmission among Congo Basin forest foragers.

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