Call for Proposals from the Committee on World Anthropologies

Internationalization Call to the AAA Sections

The AAA’s Committee for World Anthropologies (CWA) aims to encourage AAA sections to increase awareness of   different anthropological traditions. Towards this goal, the CWA Transnational Relations and Collaborations subcommittee urges AAA sections to facilitate, support and promote sessions in their respective fields that deal with world anthropologies, internationalization issues, and diversely situated anthropological perspectives.  The CWA extends this call to the sections and to anthropologists willing to organize such sessions within a particular section.

AAA section panels or roundtables desiring CWA co-sponsorship should be submitted through the regular system before the April 15 deadline. Such submissions are selected by the sections and subsequently sent to the CWA who will co-sponsor the most relevant proposals for the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting in Washington DC.  The CWA hopes to be able to provide some partial travel reimbursements for some of the international scholars in these sessions.

In this way we aim to encourage AAA sections to become directly involved in addressing the important issue of world anthropologies and internationalization.

Mary L Gray and Rachel Watkins are chairs of the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting. They may be contacted at

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