New NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grant Solicitation

The Cultural Anthropology Program at the National Science Foundation has published a new solicitation for Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (CA-DDRIG). It can be found here or by putting the solicitation number (14-560) into the search box at

Previously, all the NSF social science programs shared a common solicitation. Now, each program has its own. Therefore, it contains more information and advice especially tailored for cultural anthropology graduate students. The two annual target dates are unchanged; they remain January 15 and August 15 annually.

But a few things have changed. We now require a letter from the faculty adviser saying that the adviser has reviewed and approved the proposal and that it is anticipated that the student will be ready to commence the research within a year of submitting the proposal. Also, students are now limited in the number of times they may submit a proposal: only one first submission and one revision & resubmission (if the first one is declined) are allowed; however, we can waive that limitation when circumstances warrant.

So if you or your students plan to submit a proposal to the NSF Cultural Anthropology Program for dissertation research, please do read through the solicitation. If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email: Deborah Winslow, 703/292-7315 or; Jeff Mantz, 703/292-7783 or

Deborah Winslow is the contributing editor of Gateway to NSF.

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