Clovis in Space, Kennewick for Sale

Archaeologists often find themselves navigating through potentially contentious issues, especially appropriation or commercialization. Recently, the sending of a Clovis point into space and selling replica skulls of The Ancient One, more popularly known as Kennewick Man, have brought these issues to the fore. [pquote]Issues such as a putting a Clovis point in space and selling […]

Populating the Pacific Northwest

 On the Discovery of a 14,000 year old settlement on the west coast of Canada. Mainstream media were quick to pick up on a report of a 14,000 year old archaeological site on the west coast of Canada, and rightly so. Besides being among the oldest sites in the region, it provides support of the […]

Politics as Archaeological Action

Archaeologists should contemplate entering politics. Recent articles in The Atlantic and The New York Times show they won’t be alone among those with a scientific bent seeking office. Both articles describe a political action group called 314 Action created to support scientists contemplating a move into politics, and they feature some scientists considering leaving their careers […]

Equipping Archaeology for the Post-Truth, Fake News Era

Archaeologists already have more experience comprehending and adapting to this new post-truth and fake news era than many. We have long been subjected to pseudoarchaeology, sensationalism, archaeology in popular culture, and media bias. In short, we are used to countering misunderstandings about the past. But the new post-truth era—a time in which many people appear to lack […]

Space Station Archaeology

Human activities in outer space is an emergent interest in archaeology, with archaeologists in North America and elsewhere documenting on-earth places such as launch sites, orbital debris (or space junk), and material things created by humans left on the moon and other celestial bodies. It is also an example of the burgeoning interest in archaeology […]

Archaeology in Times of Trump

Archaeologists Against Trump is the name of a Facebook group. It can also be applied to the writings and actions by a large number of archaeologists concerned with the impact of President-elect Trump on archaeology. Reaction by archaeologists has intensified since the election, but there were expressions of concerns prior to that. A 2015 New […]