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Medical Anthropology Scholar needed: “Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum”
Dec 31 all-day

Catalyst:  A Social Justice Forum, an open access, no fee, e-journal based at the University of Tennessee, is preparing a forthcoming special issue on “Rebuilding Social Sciences”.

We are seeking a Medical Anthropology graduate student(s)/scholar to complete a partly outlined essay for publication to appear with full author’s credit to whomever writes the piece.  No financial compensation is offered but the editor will work with the author and assist in guiding the piece to publication while helping reduce uncertainty and time commitment.

The issue has opened a slot for a short piece that examines the history of the sub-field of Medical Anthropology and the rise of “Critical Medical Anthropology”. The piece will challenge CMA as an anti-science approach to health and an example of “critical studies” movements undermining social science and deterring potentially beneficial applications.  Authors should be comfortable taking this position as well as acknowledging opposing views.

The piece requires background information on anthropology as a discipline, medical anthropology as a subdiscipline, the rise/entrance/fit and misfit of CMA, an understanding (and/or hypotheses) of referee processes/ideologies in the sub-discipline, ideas on criteria and measurement of value and fit, and a willingness to offer ideas for improvement/change.  There will also be space for clear methodological statements on how one defines and measures academic fields and their value as well as ideologies and influences on them today.  The piece will be peer reviewed but as an essay where the standard will be to fact check while fully protecting author opinions.  Other very short contributions that could complement this article will be considered for publication.  Note that rebuttal opinions may appear in future issues.


Send a short letter in clear, jargon-free prose, outlining how you can contribute to this piece, along with a c.v. to the Special Issue Editor, David Lempert, at [email protected].  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Applicants should also note whether they are available to be considered as reviewers for the piece if not selected as author.