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Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group 2017 Conference @ UCLA
Mar 5 – Mar 7 all-day

Childhoods in Motion: Children, Youth, Migration, and Education Conference
March 3-5, 2017 UCLA, Los Angeles, California

Conference registration is now available online!

Children and youth—as people and as socially constructed categories—move in many ways: across geopolitical borders, through developmental time and culturally-defined stages of life, across spaces designed to shape their experiences of growing up or being raised by adults (homes, schools, churches, after-school programs), and within or across real and virtual spaces of their own choosing.

These movements both shape and are shaped by local and global flows of people, capital, ideas, discourses, and values. In diverse spaces and discourses, young people may be viewed or treated as innocents; victims; passive recipients of adults’ socialization efforts; or active agents in their own lives as well as in their families, communities, and other institutions. In social science research, different aspects of their identities are made salient: most often as students or family members, but sometimes as immigrants/refugees, targets of violence, laborers, warriors, and more. As members of society who are often vulnerable to adult power, children’s lives and experiences are also shaped by ideas that circulate through media and in public policies and educational practices. Movement— across communities, spaces, social identities or social systems—shapes particular children’s experiences of childhood and the meanings that attached to this life stage. As young people navigate multiple cultural, physical, and electronic landscapes, research from diverse disciplines that highlights children’s migration, motion, and movement across space and time may help us understand children and childhoods in new ways. It may inform our understandings of educational institutions, cultural practices, and political, legal and economic systems.

This conference seeks to unite scholars and practitioners across the fields of migration, education, and anthropology to investigate the conceptual and physical mobility of children and youth across diverse contexts.

The conference will also feature a public forum that is co-sponsored by the AAA Committee for Human Rights to discuss public engagement, advocacy, and teaching immigration rights/issues in the classroom.

Childhoods in Motion – Provisional Conference Schedule
Childhoods in Motion Individual Paper Abstracts

Colorado State University PhD Program
Feb 1 all-day

The Department of Anthropology at Colorado State University is delighted to announce the Fall 2018 launch of a new PhD program in anthropology focused on Place, Space, and Adaptation. This innovative PhD in anthropology builds on the diverse research interests of our faculty who specialize in cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology as well as human and physical geography. The program will provide students with the conceptual expertise and skills to address research questions that:

  • sit at the intersection of anthropology and geography
  • apply geographic methods to anthropological questions
  • critically evaluate the impact of place and space on human/ecosystem adaptation

PhD Field Areas: Biological Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology
PhD Specializations: The traditional subfields of Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology, in addition to Geography
PhD Requirements: MA in Anthropology, Geography, or related field. 42 hours of coursework, qualifying exam, dissertation based on field or lab work, and oral defense

Visit the program website for more information.