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Secrets of the Shining Sword
Apr 21 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Secrets of the Shining Sword EVENT Fundraiser

WHEN: Saturday April 21st 2018 10:00- 5:00
WHERE: Nassau Community College – room details, permissions to follow


CO-SPONSORED BY: TACONCC: The Anthropology Club of Nassau Community College, and The Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work department (Join us! Be a co-sponsor, please!).
FOR WHAT? As part of our Shedding Light on the Dark Ages Project, we are holding a fun and educational fundraising event. The purpose of the event is to promote NCC as an educational institution that is involved with interesting international projects.



“As seen on TV”

For one day only, the smiths starring in Secrets of Shining Knight, and Secrets of the Viking Sword are here to teach you their secrets! (Swords, Vikings and knights are hot topics, evident by the popularity of TV shows such as The Vikings, Game of Thrones, and Forged in Fire.)

Hot off the Fire!

We have Master Blacksmith Ric Furrer from Secrets of Shining Knight, and Secrets of the Viking Sword demonstrating forging different types of steel. Watch Jeff Wasson, the armorer from the Secrets of Shining Knight show you how it’s done!

There will be no less than two speakers, Dr Ann Feuerbach, and a potentially a curator from the Arms and Armor department from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to accompany them…and any other speakers etc. that anyone wants to add!



We envision 3 groups:

  • Professionals, and others with an interest in Medieval Swords, Weaponry, History, and
  • Event for current and past NCC students to attend with family members of all
  • Public for potential future students including soon-to-be graduates, returning, and mature

Donation (details to be worked out)

  • $30 Advanced Purchase Required (Professionals, Full day, Coffee, Lunch, etc)
  • $10 Walk-ins (families, children free with each paying adult)
  • Free to NCC students and a guest

Student Prizes?

  • Best Academic Poster (?)
Provisional Program (locations TBD) 10:00: Opening Lecture

11:00: Blacksmithing Demo 1

12:00: Armor Demo 1 1:00: Lunch time Lecture

2:00: Blacksmithing Demo 2

3:00: Amour Demo 2

4:00: Closing (award ceremony, student poster?) End by 4:30.

Potential Additional Activities (ongoing during event) Kids coloring: Crayon-coloring of shields, armor, etc. Family Photographs: (cardboard cutout, try on armor)


Other activities, lectures, demonstrations, displays, by other clubs or departments?