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Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility, Belgrade, Serbia
May 29 – Jul 7 all-day

May 29 – July 7, 2017

The University of Alberta Anthropology Department offers a 6-week, 6-credit undergraduate/graduate Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility in Belgrade, Serbia. Hone your ethnographic sensibility through attention and sensorium training methods developed in visual and dramatic arts, performance, and music. Break your perceptual habits and develop acute receptivity to the nuances of the ways people walk and argue, use things and spaces, organize their time, mix smells and tastes, sit at a table, or hail a taxi. Become a sensitive instrument for registering surprises, noting patterns in them, and transposing them into ethnographic writing, film, photography, sound, or performance. In its third year, the Fieldschool is aimed at anthropologists who want to develop their ethnographic sensibility with the particular focus on non-verbal, embodied patterns of everyday life, artists who want to explore the convergences between ethnographic and artistic training, and designers, architects, urban-planners and others interested in engaging with their practice in a culturally sensitive way. Accommodation in hostel and local families. Two field-trips outside Belgrade. No knowledge of Serbian required.