Fieldwork Equipment That (Hopefully) Won’t Break the Bank

Digital Audio Recorders Every task necessitates a tool and ethnography is no exception. As twenty-first century student anthropologists, we have a staggering amount of options when it comes time to selecting a field recorder, camera, camcorder, editing software, and storage devices. While some students’ home institution can provide them with these resources, many are unable to […]

“Pro-Government” Is Not “Pro-Corruption” in the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquakes

Since the April 25th earthquake in Nepal, as anthropologists, aid workers, Nepalis and outsiders, we have responded to our grief in both laudable and questionable ways. Many of us have thrown ourselves into action through the networks and organizations we are connected to in Nepal. In an environment rife with anguish and critique, we admire […]

Neither Home Nor Field

One of the perks offered to faculty at Nazarbayev University is a free campus apartment. When I was hired last year, I was pleased to be offered this accommodation. Not only did it mean not having to pay rent, but it meant not having to house-hunt in the unfamiliar cultural and linguistic environment of Astana, […]

Update on AAA Task Force on Engagement with Israel/Palestine

The AAA Task Force on Engagement with Israel/Palestine is working hard to deliver its report and recommendations to the executive board by October 1. This will give the executive board adequate time to consider these recommendations and decide on next steps at the annual meeting in Denver this November. The task force is charged with […]

Practicing Anthropology in Design and Business

When was the last time you were satisfied or even delighted with a product, service or system? All too often we feel frustrated or disappointed with our material, social and digital interactions, in part because they have been designed using a top-down approach focused on business needs and goals. Engineers, designers, product managers, and marketers […]

Series Highlights What Anthropologists Achieve with NSF Funding

Anthropology News ran a thematic series in July and August 2014 (V55, #7 and 8) featuring a wide range of anthropologists who had conducted research with the support of National Science Foundation (NSF) funds. In light of the upcoming Congressional debate that could lead to a significant decrease in federal funding of the NSF, we’d like to share […]

Food, Fat, Fetus and the Future

Histories of Weight Gain during Pregnancy in the US and UK Stepping on the scale when you see a health professional for a dermatology appointment, a women’s health check up, or a general physical is part of the routine clinical experience. Although this practice is routine and ubiquitous, weight as a clinical measurement carries a […]

Read AN’s 2010 Series on Disaster Relief and Recovery

Anthropology News ran a thematic series in October 2010 (v51, #7) on Disaster Relief and Recovery. In light of the recent earthquake in Nepal, we’d like to share that series again as a reminder that anthropologists have frequently worked with communities experiencing and recovering from disasters. We are pleased to announce all the essays from that series […]

Earthquakes and Culture

What does culture have to do with earthquakes? Recently a major earthquake occurred in Nepal, with an epicenter in the rural area (Gorkha) where I conducted my doctoral research, and it got me thinking about the relationship between culture and earthquakes. In Nepal there are many cultural features which have led to the unpreparedness of […]

Anthropologists on the Nepal Earthquake

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015. Aftershocks, avalanches and landslides followed. News agencies report the death toll is now over 5,000 and still continues to rise. Anthropologists who work with Nepalese communities are working hard to respond and help. AN has seen a few pieces by AAA members who have already written some […]