AAA Annual Business Meeting Agenda

AAA ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING 6:15-7:30 pm Friday, December 1, 2017 Marriott Ballroom 2 Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC Chair, Alisse Waterston, AAA President Call to order Adoption of Agenda Approval of the Minutes of the 115th AAA Business Meeting Remembrance of Deceased Members President’s Report by Alisse Waterston President-Elect/Vice President’s Report by Alex Barker […]

Guidelines for Consideration of Proposed Public Statements

Guidelines for Consideration of Proposed Public Statements, to include Motions from the Annual Business Meeting Adopted by AAA Executive Board May 2004 The Board should be strategic in selecting matters on which to speak out (i.e., don’t waste your powder on matters on which the organization has little hope of making an impact). Public statements […]

Inside the Annual Meeting Scheduling Process

The anticipation is building as our 2017 Annual Meeting approaches. The theme, Anthropology Matters! generated an exciting, dynamic, and at times wonderfully radical array of session submissions that that promise an engaging and memorable conference for all those attending in Washington, DC. The initial scheduling for the 5700 submissions is now well underway, however, as […]

116th AAA Annual Meeting Call For Papers

Anthropology matters! is a call across the field to unite in our diversity, to embrace difficulty, be vibrant messmates, and promote the relevance of what anthropology is and does. Anthropology is best at describing the past, exploring the present, predicting the future, and navigating the processes of being and becoming human. Emphasizing the relationship between […]