114th AAA Annual Meeting Call for Papers

Familiar/Strange; Denver, CO, November 18–22, 2015 For nearly six decades, Horace Miner’s tongue-in-cheek description of middle Americans’ body practices have introduced students to anthropology’s strategy of casting common sense in new light by making the familiar strange. Unlike so many little-read academic pieces, his 1956 sardonic spoof “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” remains by far the […]

The Annual Meeting, in the Palm of Your Hand

In a continuing effort to bring a more eco-friendly conference, the AAA is offering a green registration at a reduced rate—and reduced paper count. With the green registration, you will not automatically receive a paper program, but you will have access to the mobile application program. The Mobile App will be available to everyone with […]

What’s So Different about the 113th AAA Annual Meeting?

As we prepare to come together for the American Anthropological Association 113th Annual Meeting in Washington DC, December 3–7, I want to thank the AAA staff, Executive Program Committee (EPC), and section leadership, particularly the Section Assembly and the individual section program editors, for their support this year. We have mourned the passing of long-time […]

Meet the Staff

Elyse C Bailey joined AAA staff in July 2014 as the Anthropology News Digital Editorial Assistant. She serves as the main point of contact for opinion columnists, AN’s WordPress users and generally provides extensive support for anthropology-news.org. Elyse also supports the AAA journals during editorial transitions and with annual deadlines. In addition, she is the […]

2014 AAA Award Winners

We are pleased to share brief biographies of the 2014 AAA Award Winners in Anthropology News. Each will be recognized during the AAA Awards Ceremony at the 2014 AAA Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology Michael Silverstein, the Charles F Grey Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, Linguistics, and […]

On Lowering Our Voices

I once had a brief and not so illustrious amateur theatrical career as a bit-part character actor. This life chapter filled my head with, among other things, a treasure trove of obscure song lyrics. I know snatches of Die Lorelei, which I learned for my role as a German tourist in Tennessee Williams’ Night of […]

Recipe for an Association

By the time you read this, we will be about to gather in Washington, DC for our annual meeting. The meetings always make me wonder how it comes to pass that such a disparate bunch of people, each with strong opinions, nonetheless manages to construct a particular culture and a shared conversation. Last year some […]

World on the Move: Migration Stories

“In order to understand history it is necessary to know not only how things are, but how they have come to be.” Franz Boas, “The Methods of Ethnology,” 1920 The phrase, “World on the Move” captures a characteristic of “how things are” today, a point in time nearly half way through the second decade of […]

Internationalizing the AAA Annual Meeting

Fostering Transnational Critical Dialogues The Committee of World Anthropologies (CWA) has sustained its efforts to broaden US-based anthropology to include diverse international voices and foster global critical dialogues. As an outcome of these undertakings, the CWA has organized and sponsored panels, roundtables and a forum at the annual meetings in Washington, DC. These events will address […]

AnthroSource 2.0

In 2015, AnthroSource will be re-launched with improved design and functionality. The current interface for AnthroSource sits on a separate platform from Wiley Online Library (WOL) where all AAA journal articles are hosted. The new AnthroSource will be a hub page on WOL connecting all the individual journal homepages. This closer connection between the member […]