Evidence, Accident, Discovery Minneapolis, MN, November 16–20, 2016 This year’s theme ‘Evidence, Accident, Discovery’ invites anthropologists and their interdisciplinary interlocutors to ponder the uses and significance of knowledge in and about a predictably unpredictable world. The Executive Program Committee welcomes panels, roundtables, papers, posters, forums, special events, installations or media submissions considering the many intersections, […]

CWA and AAA Presence at the Latin American Anthropological Association in Mexico City

From October 7-10, 2015, several past and present members of the Committee on World Anthropologies (CWA) participated in the Fourth Congress of the Latin American Anthropology Association (Asociación Latinoamericana de Antropología, ALA) in Mexico City, on the theme “Latin American anthropologies facing a world in transition.”  In addition to four days of sessions, there were […]

A Watershed Moment in Publishing

  Several weeks ago, the world was acknowledging the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, recalling its devastating effects on the people and the institutional fabric of New Orleans. The loss of life was staggering. The property losses were unprecedented and in many instances irreplaceable. The prospects for “building back better” have rarely been more closely […]

AAA’s Publishing Partnership

Steps Towards the Future Once again, AAA’s dynamic publishing program is at a critical juncture, an exciting time for the 21 journals and AnthroSource, the association’s digital searchable database of past, present and future AAA publications. In this article, I share with you what is on the AAA publishing horizon and invite your ideas and […]

The Importance of Choosing your Hotel for the AAA Annual Meeting

Choosing the hotel where you’ll stay for the AAA Annual Meeting is more important than you might think. Many of us are concerned about the costs of the annual meeting and keeping them affordable is key for our health as an organization—especially for students and the growing numbers of contingent faculty members in our ranks. […]

AAA Executive Board Actions, January–May, 2015

January 23, 2015 Email Ballot Reviewed its policy on financial reserves and agreed to move from a set target of 100% annual operating budget to a targeted range of 100-200% of annual operating budget to allow for anticipated fluctuations in market conditions and program revenues. At the same time the board approved a policy that […]

2015 Leadership Fellows

Carrie C Heitman Carrie C Heitman is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) and a faculty fellow at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities. Prior to starting at UNL in 2013, she was an American Council of Learned Societies New Faculty Fellow in the department of anthropology at […]

Exploring “Familiar/Strange” in Denver

The robust response to this year’s “Familiar/Strange” annual program theme challenged the Executive Program Committee to select from among the more than 70 submissions for a limited number of Executive Session (ES) slots. The quality of submissions was high with the result that meeting attendees will find sessions relating to the “Familiar/Strange” theme prominent across […]

AAA Annual Business Meeting

  Friday, November 20, 2015, 4:15-6:30 pm Call to order Adoption of Agenda Approval of the Minutes of the 113rd AAA Business Meeting Remembrance of Deceased Members President’s Report by Monica Heller President-Elect/Vice President’s Report by Alisse Waterston Secretary’s Report by Margaret Buckner Treasurer’s Report by Ted Hamann AAA Committee and Task Force Reports Recognitions […]

Are We Taking On Too Much?

We’re looking to reconfigure the AAA governance network. This will allow us to lift the moratorium on new sections and interest groups. It will also allow us to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of governance responsibilities currently distributed among way too many committees, sub-committees, working groups and task forces. You will hear that one key […]