Call for Proposals: Research Methods

What Research Methods Are You Using This Summer? This summer, Anthropology News would like to hear about the creative or innovative methods that you are using in your field research. Whether your research takes you to a biological anthropology lab or across the world, focuses on an NGO or a private kitchen, explores digital technologies […]

Call for Proposals: Mass Shootings

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Mass Shootings What can anthropology offer to public conversations about and understandings of mass shootings? In the wake of the attack in Orlando, AN is seeking submissions that approach this topic from a wide range of anthropological angles and global locales. Think gun cultures, homophobia and Islamophobia, Islamic extremism and other forms […]

AnthroClub Profile: Elmira College

Anthropology Clubs (AnthroClubs) is an official student program for undergraduate members of the American Anthropological Association that works to foster community among those majoring, minoring, or having a general interest in the field of anthropology. AAA Anthropology Club members work to mobilize students and departments by serving as on-campus ambassadors. Does this sound like something […]

AAA 2016 Spring Ballot

ASSOCIATION-WIDE ELECTIONS Executive Board Practicing Professional Seat (3-year term) Stephen E Nash Nathaniel (Niel) Tashima Minority Seat (3-year term) Whitney L Battle-Baptiste Anna S Agbe-Davies Section Assembly Seat-Small Size Sections (3-year term) Raymond Hames David Simmons Section Assembly Seat-Middle Size Sections (3-year term) Julian Brash Carolyn K Lesorogol   Nominations Committee Undesignated Seat #1 (3-year […]

2016 Distinguished Lecture

This year’s Distinguished Lecture by Frans de Waal will be an occasion for dialogue and debate that reaches across anthropology’s subfields. Professor de Waal is a biologist and primatologist known for his work on the behavior and social intelligence of primates. His research has drawn parallels between primate and human behavior, from peacemaking and morality […]

Why Do We Ask about Race?

In graduate school, I used to get an email from the registrar every year asking me to log into the system and select my race and religion from a list of options. Why do they want to know this? I thought. What difference does it make to them? So every year I deleted that email […]

The “Wonder” of Teaching and Learning

Please put the Renwick Gallery on your “must-see” list if you are visiting Washington this month or next. Located directly across from the White House, the Renwick was the first building built in the US specifically to house an art museum. It recently completed a major two-year renovation before reopening last fall. Since November 2015, […]

How to Design a Great Poster

Think Visually First Posters are the perfect invitation to a conversation about your research. Since posters are inherently visual, the key to a strong poster is simplicity—their immediate function is to pique the curiosity of passers-by. Once you have landed an audience, it’s up to you to bring your work to life, to share your […]

Getting Proximate on Israel-Palestine

This month through next, AAA members are voting on a resolution to boycott Israeli Academic Institutions. This is a huge decision and thus it is essential that every AAA member vote in the election that extends from April 15 to May 31. At this very moment—the time of the spring election—the membership’s collective voice on […]

Fear Not the Poster Redux

More than a decade ago I wrote a piece for Anthropology News touting the benefits and enjoyment of giving a poster at the AAA meetings. While among students, the poster option has begun to expand, even flourish, faculty remain hesitant, dismissive, and even antagonistic to the format. This is unfortunate and is inhibiting a better […]