The US-Dakota War and Failed Settler Kinship

Before we arrive in Minneapolis for the 2016 AAA Annual Meeting, I share a story that provides formative history, and which may help you understand the storied land upon which you will walk. This account suggests that “making kin” can help forge relations between Peoples in ways that produce mutual obligation instead of settler-colonial violence […]

We’re Looking for Columnists!

We are seeking opinion columnists to write engaging commentary for the Anthropology News website in 2017. Do you want to provide an anthropological perspective on “hot topics” in the news, to reach an audience of anthropologists and general readers, to say something that no one else seems to be saying? We’re particularly interested in proposals […]

Posters as Multimedia Powerhouses

Posters are visual presentations. They display some combination of text and images (whether photographs, illustrations, diagrams, charts, or the like). Hopefully they provide the “bulleted” talking points for further elaboration (see Crowder’s article “How to Design a Great Poster”). The mistake too many people make, however, is treating posters as static paper presentations. To the […]

Meet the Staff: Resat Mursaloglu

Resat Mursaloglu joined the AAA staff in April 2016 as the Staff Accountant. Resat is responsible for processing all payments made to the association, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and other day-to-day accounting operations. Resat brings over 6 years of accounting experience in corporate and public accounting sectors where he used GAAP and a range […]

Meet the Staff: Janine Chiappa McKenna

Janine Chiappa McKenna joined the AAA staff in March 2016 as the Director of Publishing. In this role, she oversees the Association’s journal portfolio, serves as staff liaison to the Committee on the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing and the Anthropological Communication Committee, as well as other activities. She is looking forward to working […]

Meet the Staff: Leslie Walker

Leslie Walker joined the AAA staff in March 2016 as the Project Manager for the AAA’s Public Education Initiatives (PEI). These PEIs include the RACE project and World on the Move, which highlight anthropology’s distinctive perspective on race and human diversity as well as human migration and displacement for public audiences. Before joining the AAA, […]

Meet the Staff: Aurea Martinez Velasco

Aurea Martinez Velasco joined the AAA staff in March as the Meetings Coordinator to support the execution of the 115th Annual Meeting in Minneapolis! She will be the main lead for the 2016 Annual Meeting Mobile application as well as assisting with other meeting department projects. Born in Oaxaca, Mexico Aurea immigrated to Southern California […]

2016 AAA Election Results

Association-wide Elections Executive Board Practicing Professional Seat (3-year term) Nathaniel (Niel) Tashima Minority Seat (3-year term) Anna S Agbe-Davies Section Assembly Seat-Small Size Sections (3-year term) David Simmons Section Assembly Seat-Middle Size Sections (3-year term) Carolyn K Lesorogol   Nominations Committee Undesignated Seat #1 (3-year term) Angela Storey Archaeology Seat (3-year term) B Sunday Eiselt […]

Things to Do in Minneapolis (When Not at the Annual Meeting)

What will you do after a day at the AAAs? Amelia Hassoun and U Minnesota grad students share their recommendations for the best places to meet friends for a beer, get your caffeine fix, check out the local foodie scene and see some Twin City sights.   High quality of life, low cost of living […]

Minneapolis is Awesome

William O. Beeman shares some of his favorite things to do in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is one of the most beautiful cities in America along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, with hundreds of lakes, parks and hiking trails everywhere. It has been ranked the “Best place to live in the US” by the website […]