How to Design a Great Poster

Think Visually First Posters are the perfect invitation to a conversation about your research. Since posters are inherently visual, the key to a strong poster is simplicity—their immediate function is to pique the curiosity of passers-by. Once you have landed an audience, it’s up to you to bring your work to life, to share your […]

Getting Proximate on Israel-Palestine

This month through next, AAA members are voting on a resolution to boycott Israeli Academic Institutions. This is a huge decision and thus it is essential that every AAA member vote in the election that extends from April 15 to May 31. At this very moment—the time of the spring election—the membership’s collective voice on […]

Fear Not the Poster Redux

More than a decade ago I wrote a piece for Anthropology News touting the benefits and enjoyment of giving a poster at the AAA meetings. While among students, the poster option has begun to expand, even flourish, faculty remain hesitant, dismissive, and even antagonistic to the format. This is unfortunate and is inhibiting a better […]

AAA Members and the Membership Survey

My background is in sociocultural and applied linguistics, and I first joined AAA as a fifth-year doctoral student. It took me a while to learn to feel comfortable at the Annual Meeting, where attendance is more than double the entire membership of my other professional association, the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL). I always […]

Meet the Staff: Lauryl Zenobi

Lauryl Zenobi joined the AAA in February 2016 as the Institutional Sales Coordinator (ISC). As the ISC, Lauryl manages the development and publication of the AnthroGuide and assists with Annual Meeting planning. Lauryl is a recent arrival to DC from Seattle, where she is working on her PhD in Archaeology from U Washington. She received her MA […]

Meet the Staff: Daniel Ginsberg

Daniel Ginsberg joined the AAA staff in February 2016 as AAA’s Professional Services Fellow. Daniel is responsible for managing AAA’s institutional research program about the profession of anthropology. He supports AAA services to university departments (through the Department Services Program) and to practicing and applied anthropologists, and is staff liaison to the Committee on Practicing, […]

2015 AAA Annual Meeting Program Chair Report

114th AAA Annual Meeting, Colorado Convention Center Denver, Colorado November 18–22, 2015 Registrants: 6,389 Sessions Scheduled: 1148 Roundtable/Oral Sessions: 824 Poster Sessions: 11 Paper Presentations: 3,772 Poster Presentations: 137 Media Intensive Sessions: 23 (inclusive of Business Meeting and Presidential Address) Special Events: 245 Installations: 7 Film Screenings: 43 Exhibitors: 59 Career Center Recruiters: 21 Grad Fair Exhibitors: […]

Look Outside the Classroom to Draw Students in  

Back in January, when the lottery jackpot pool topped $1 billion, I broke down and bought a couple of tickets for the first time in my life. I know, I know. I had a far better chance of getting struck by lightning, or being bitten by a shark. But each workday evening I wait by […]

AAA Business Meeting

The 114th AAA Business Meeting was called to order by President Monica Heller on November 20, 2015 at 6:25 pm in the Mile High Ballroom 2 & 3 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. To assist the running of the business meeting, voter cards were distributed to those eligible to vote. By the […]

Meeting in Minneapolis

The 115th Annual Meeting theme “Evidence, Accident, Discovery” invites debate about what counts as evidence, and what evidence counts for, as scientists, activists and policymakers learn about and seek to change a predictably unpredictable world. In today’s rapidly changing information ecosystems, evidence is perhaps more than ever grounds for political debate. Evidence, and the meanings and […]