Update on AAA Task Force on Engagement with Israel/Palestine

The AAA Task Force on Engagement with Israel/Palestine is working hard to deliver its report and recommendations to the executive board by October 1. This will give the executive board adequate time to consider these recommendations and decide on next steps at the annual meeting in Denver this November. The task force is charged with […]

Changing the Terms of Debate in Climate Change

The Global Climate Change Task Force final report, “Changing the Atmosphere. Anthropology and Climate Change” was adopted by the AAA Executive Board in December 2014 (www.aaanet.org); and the Statement on Humanity and Climate Change—which is now the AAA’s position on human aspects of climate change—was released. Both of these developments are big news for anthropology […]

Science and Government

We are seeing a resurgence of state concern about the value of funding humanities and social sciences research. Those who express this concern argue that because research is funded with taxpayer money, it should prioritize work that is in “the national interest.” Further, it is argued that “national interest” is best defined by elected lawmakers. Finally, […]

Annual Meeting Attendees Point to Opportunities for Improvement

Space, technology, and content—each of these is an interwoven balancing act, and an evolving process. After the annual meeting, we send out a survey to gauge attendees’ experiences. This year 25% of attendees responded to the survey, which is up from the previous few years response rate of about 14%. Your feedback helps us to […]


  “The Tchaikovsky Song” is a show-stopping number in the 1941 Broadway musical, Lady in the Dark, music and lyrics by Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin. Made famous by Danny Kaye, that venerable mid-century entertainer, the “song” consists simply of Kaye rattling off the names of 50 Russian composers just as fast as he can. […]

Has AAA’s Style Guide Gone Out of Style?

The AAA has retained a distinctive bibliographic citation form modified from the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) for more than 100 years, but we wonder whether it is more beneficial to maintain a distinctive style guide or to follow CMS. The AAA style has some unusual elements. While based on the CMS, the idea of […]

AAA Business Meeting

The 113th AAA Business Meeting was called to order by President Monica Heller on December 5, 2014 at 5:00 pm in the Ballroom, Salon B of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington DC. To assist the running of the business meeting, voter cards were distributed to those eligible to vote. By the time the […]