Bernard Perley ©  2017 Cite as: Perley, Bernard. 2017. “Discoveries.” Anthropology News website, August 15, 2017. doi: 10.1111/AN.576

Chef Kabui

Chef Kabui is an ecopolitical chef, urban farmer, and food activist fighting to empower the African and African-American consciousness with a food revolution. In his words, “There is nothing more political than food!” Kabui grew up on a coffee farm near the slopes of Mt Kenya. Eighty percent of what his family ate they grew […]

Inside the Annual Meeting Scheduling Process

The anticipation is building as our 2017 Annual Meeting approaches. The theme, Anthropology Matters! generated an exciting, dynamic, and at times wonderfully radical array of session submissions that that promise an engaging and memorable conference for all those attending in Washington, DC. The initial scheduling for the 5700 submissions is now well underway, however, as […]

Music – Anthropology – Life

The study of music is one of anthropology’s most daunting challenges. Across cultures and time, music intertwines with human life and meaning. Yet that meaning inheres in the music, in its specific embodied performance. Even with the advent of recording devices, it is impossible to capture the context of music, and exceedingly difficult to translate. […]

Polish Anthropologist against Discrimination

The Polish Constitution extends western-style democratic rights to citizens, immigrants, refugees, and minorities. Even in the case of martial law, “Limitation of the freedoms and rights of persons and citizens only by reason of race, gender, language, faith or lack of it, social origin, ancestry or property shall be prohibited” (article 233, §1). These principles […]

How I Nearly Lost My First Staff Position as a Practicing Anthropologist

 Ethical Issues and Anthropological Practice Anthropological ethics generally do not change depending upon whether the anthropologist works in academia or in practicing settings. Nevertheless, ethical decisions of anthropologists inside the university and those who practice are made in different environments; the issues that must be decided and the frequency that major ethical quandaries occur may […]

New AAA Staff

Tonieh Hansford joined the AAA in March 2017 as the membership coordinator. She works with the member services team to develop marketing materials and campaigns to support the promotion of membership and coordinate member retention activities. Tonieh also assists with data processing for membership applications and helps to ensure the integrity of data in the […]

New AAA Staff

Scott Hall joined the AAA staff in March 2017 as the manager, database and web services. In this role, he brings 20 years of nonprofit and technology experience to the management and development of AAA database projects. He also works with Vernon Horn in overseeing and managing the AAA websites. Prior to joining the AAA […]

AAA and Wiley Extend Partnership

AAA is extending its publishing agreement with Wiley for a new contract term, continuing its decade long partnership. Over the 18-month long process, AAA staff received input from the Section Assembly, journal editors, Publishing Oversight Working Group, Publishing Futures Committee (formerly the Committee for the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing), and the Executive Board. […]

AAA on The Hill for Humanities

AAA helped the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) storm Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on March 14 to promote the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and build relationships between the local humanities community and Congress. Communications director Jeff Martin, a graduate from Arizona State University, was part of the contingent that visited the offices of […]