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AN Seeks Columnists for 2015

AN Seeks Columnists for 2015

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Anthropology News seeks Op-ed columnists for starting in 2015. These volunteers are an integral part of shaping the conversation…More

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The AAA’s Public Education Initiative Over the past two years we have been aggressively planning the new Public Education Initiative (PEI)…More

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Monica Heller, AAA President

Access and Inclusion

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Monica Heller

One of the major principles driving Executive Board decisions has long been that the AAA should attempt to be as…More

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Ed Liebow, AAA Executive Director

Maybe you noticed something cool this past month when you submitted your abstract for December’s annual meeting? We have just…More

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Securing Successful Summer Program and Investigating Innovative Initiatives

We Want to Work with You As the new chair of the Resource Development Committee (RDC), I want to take…More

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Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

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Arvenita Washington Cherry joined the AAA staff in February 2014 as project manager for the new public education initiative on…More

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Oil abstract painting. Image courtesy Waldemar smolarek art via Wikimedia Commons

Towards an Informed AAA Position on Israel-Palestine

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Monica Heller
Hugh Gusterson
Alisse Waterston
Edward Liebow

Several US-based scholarly associations have recently undertaken debates or passed resolutions with respect to Israel/Palestine. We have discussed related issues…More

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This Is What Producing Anthropology Looks Like

In the decade since I left a department with anthropology in its name, I’ve given much thought to the sort…More

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AN Seeks Proposals on Civil Rights

On July 2, 1964, the Civil Rights Act was enacted in the US. As we approach this 50 year milestone, we…More

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2014 is the 40th Anniversary of the Anthropology of Tourism at AAA Annual Meeting

Note: If you have a Call for Papers or other announcement that you would like to share regarding the 113th…More

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