Déjà Lu: A Journal of Global Anthropological Reprints

The American anthropological world over the past few decades has become increasingly aware  that anthropology is not just a Western but a global discipline. But the structure of this global discipline remains asymmetrical—while many anthropologists from elsewhere in the world are well aware of theoretical and ethnographic developments in anthropology in the United States and […]

Dawn Nafus

Dawn Nafus is an anthropologist and senior research scientist at Intel Labs. She is currently working on a project called DataSense—a data analysis tool to help non-technical people visually interact with their personal data. She continues to maintain an academic profile, recently publishing an edited volume Quantified (2016), which brings together a community of scholars […]

Researching Ourselves, Together

Once every month or two, I get an email notifying me that someone has downloaded the survey data from the Comparative Data Project, and whenever this happens, I always wonder what they’re using it for. The data set consists of survey responses from 117 anthropology departments, collected in 2013 and including information about each department’s […]

On Freedom, Academic and Otherwise

Though he doesn’t call himself a linguist or etymologist, legal scholar Steven T. Newcomb, co-founder of the Indigenous Law Institute and author of Pagans in the Promised Land (2008), takes apart certain English language words, uncovering their roots and showing them to contain deeply seated logics. His main concern is the historical denial of a […]

New AAA Staff

Alexandra Frankel hails from the upper Midwest where she studied cultural anthropology at Macalester College and worked in the non-profit sector as a grant writer and program coordinator. She continued her study of cultural anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a Master’s student after a brief stint in Turkey as a Fulbright English Teaching […]

115th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis

Our 115th Annual Meeting, held from November 16–20, 2016, enjoyed excellent attendance with over 5,300 members registering for five days of lively discussion and debate. The Executive Program Committee was headed by Samuel Martínez as program chair and comprised of out-going and in-coming program chairs, Ann Stahl and Agustín Fuentes, with 11 individuals representing diverse […]

CFP=Call for Problems

Should I take another adjunct position? How do I get through this mound of exam marking? Graduate student healthcare in the era of Donald Trump—what do I need to know? I think my senior colleague is trying to blackball my tenure process. How do I find out? What is the appropriate amount of alcohol to consume […]

AAA Summer Intern Program

Do you have an interest in marine archaeology or African art? Maybe you’re looking for a productive way to spend your summer getting hands-on experience working in anthropology as well as in an office environment. Whatever your career goals may be, the AAA internship program provides two exceptional students with the opportunity to spend a […]