Helping Faculty Prepare Students for the Job Market

Report on Data Collected at AAA 2015 Background A key priority of the AAA is advocacy for anthropology graduates’ professional success. In order to better serve new anthropologists, the Association must have more concrete data on BA, MA/MS, and PhD graduates’ career paths and must learn how it can support faculty in the preparation of […]

Part 2: An Interview with Stanley E. Hyland, Former Recipient of Kimball Award

View part one of this interview here. In this second part of the article, Professor Hyland expands on collaborative community research, how it informs the relationship between theory and praxis, and how anthropology can better engage in public policy and social change. Stanley Hyland: We put together a three-part approach—building solid knowledge bases on the […]

Meeting the Ethical Responsibilities of Activist Research while on the Tenure Track

I consider myself an activist researcher whose research is embedded within a larger activist agenda that aspires to dismantle social inequality and improve the conditions of racialized communities. The question I have been grappling with for the past three years is how to balance the ethical responsibilities of being an activist researcher with the demands […]

Reaching a Wider Audience with Webinars

Anthropologists often lament that policy makers and NGO practitioners don’t read, but we have evidence to suggest that they do watch. We (anthropologists Anita Fábos and Dianna Shandy) set out to form a Working Group on Refugee and Forced Migration Narratives to consider the ways in which stories are told by, for and about refugees, […]

Building Research Partnerships with Physicians and Patients

“At the last medical conference I attended, we were all told to find an anthropologist to work with on our research.” These were the opening words of a medical department director as we met for the first time to discuss possible collaborations. Anthropologists often assume we are the supplicants, needing others to gain access to […]

Swapping Jobs and Lives

In the fall 2014 semester, three faculty members participated in a one semester exchange that involved swapping not just academic jobs, but also houses, pets and lives. We would like to promote this as a model for rejuvenating research, sharing ideas between departments and enhancing students’ experiences. Brooke Hansen and Jack Rossen (Ithaca College), afflicted […]