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No Anthropologist is An Island

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Derek Newberry

Making the Case for AAA Support of Professional Practitioner Networks Though they may not carry the designation “anthropologist” in their…More

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Exploring the Relationship between Practitioners and Academic Departments

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Bill McKinney
Keri Vacanti Brondo
Mary Odell Butler
Kyle Simpson

For the past 18 months the Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA) has been engaged in a…More

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Effectiveness of Tenure and Promotion Initiatives for Applied and Practicing Anthropologists

  Academically based anthropologists who conduct applied and practicing research can encounter difficulties when being evaluated for tenure and promotion…More

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Managing Humanitarian Assistance and Development I am a full-time applied anthropologist practitioner in humanitarian assistance and development. In this past…More

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New NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grant Solicitation

The Cultural Anthropology Program at the National Science Foundation has published a new solicitation for Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants…More

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My career has been spent with one foot in policy and activism, and the other in research and teaching. I…More

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  The origins of this column began over a year ago, in the liminal space of London’s Heathrow airport. Marissa…More

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Jeremy A Sabloff

Jeremy A Sabloff

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Jeremy A Sabloff (Santa Fe Institute) honored at the Penn Museum as recipient of the Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal. Established…More

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