AAA Career Expo(sed)

Anthropologists Who Work for the Department of Veterans Affairs Fourteen years ago, I attended my first AAA meetings. My most vivid memory from those meetings, besides eating sushi for the first time, was of Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Paul Farmer debating the merits of public and applied anthropology before a packed house. Anthropologists continue to engage […]

Anthropology and Humanitarian Aid

The international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders/Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF) is known for its medical work in conflict zones, epidemics and natural disasters. MSF is recognized globally for the work of its doctors, nurses and logisticians, and as I discovered several years ago, they have a growing pool of anthropologists working in their programs. […]

Apply by Feb 5 for Cultural Anthropology Position at NSF

The NSF Cultural Anthropology Program is looking for a “rotator” (temporary program officer, 1-3 years) to help run the Cultural Anthropology Program. The deadline is coming right up: February 5. But we haven’t received many qualified applications. The requirements are six years professional experience post-PhD in Cultural Anthropology; specialty is open. Here’s a link to the […]

Students and the Future of Anthropology

As incoming president of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA), I would like to share some thoughts regarding practical training and postgraduate employment opportunities for students—who represent the future of our discipline. These thoughts are informed by my conversations with other NASA Officers, undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral candidates, and through my earlier experiences (2011-13) […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hard to believe it but we have come to our twelfth and final contribution in this yearlong series aimed at helping undergraduate anthropology majors better situate themselves for future success within the discipline.  Over the past year we have strived to delineate some practical measures that students can utilize to expedite their advancement along this […]

Applied and Practicing Anthropology at #AAA2014

This year’s annual AAA meeting is shaping up to be exciting and informative—and it takes place in Washington, DC, home to many applied and practicing anthropologists who work in governmental, non-profit and private sector jobs, as well as at local universities. The preliminary program lists numerous opportunities for practitioners to find out about new jobs […]