Hello Anthropocene: Climate Change and Anthropology

The Editors’ Note: Volume 3 Number 1   Whether or not it is ever named Word of the Year (an honor the Oxford Dictionaries bestowed upon vape in 2014) or recognized officially as a geological epoch, “Anthropocene” has become a catchword for climate change today. Credited to chemist Paul Krutzen and biologist Eugene Stoermer, the term […]

Why We Need an Open Discussion at #AAA2014 about the Academic Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

This year’s AAA is likely to host its liveliest conversations in a long time. The AAA Executive Board and the AAA Program Committee have scheduled a “Members’ Forum on AAA’s Engagement with Israel/Palestine” on Thursday, December 4, from 1-2:15 (Marriott Salon Ballroom 2). The AAA also welcomes contributions to its blog on the topic, and […]

Debating the Academic Boycott of Israel in a Climate of Fear

On October 1, a group published a petition calling on anthropologists to boycott Israeli academic institutions that are complicit in the state of Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian rights. Within three weeks, over 900 anthropologists signed the petition in their capacity as individual scholars, although many also identify as members of the AAA. Of […]

Two Letters from Members of Israeli Anthropological Association and AAA

In April 2014, Anthropology News published “Towards an Informed AAA Position on Israel/Palestine” by Monica Heller, Alisse Waterston, Hugh Gusterson, and Ed Liebow. Since then, AAA formed the Task Force on AAA Engagement on Israel-Palestine and there has been much discussion and correspondence. Key items of the broader correspondence, including AAA replies, may be found on the […]

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: Myths and Slogans

The call for AAA to boycott Israeli universities is based on misrepresentations of the actual practices of Israeli universities and on intellectual distortions being proliferated in the academy, including anthropology. Many thousands of Israeli Arabs are integrated in Israeli higher education and they advocate for an even greater share in it. One-third of the undergraduate […]

Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israeli Institutions

In its best moments, anthropology is a discipline that is dedicated to social justice. It is a discipline that has historically stood up for marginalized peoples around the world. Anthropologists have not always lived up to these best ideals, of course, and the history of our discipline includes cooperation with colonial and imperial regimes and […]

Why a Boycott is a Bad Idea

At the annual Business Meeting this year, the members of the American Anthropological Association will, without doubt be asked to consider a boycott, of Israeli academic institutions, which, in effect, would be a boycott of Israel anthropologists, scholars and students, and those scholars from other countries who work in Israel . In actuality , the […]