Political Correctness is Not the Problem, Systemic Racism Is

In recent years, we have witnessed a resurgence of student protests on college campuses in the US and beyond. Many of these protests, inspired by broader contemporary social movements including #BlackLivesMatter, #StandingRock/#NoDAPL, and #RhodesMustFall, have focused on challenging systemic racism and other forms of marginalization on campuses. Conservative and liberal critics alike have criticized these […]

“Capitalism Is Just around the Corner…”

A view on tourism and economic development from rural Cuba Expanding private business “Everyone is now crazy for renting,” my friend Julio told me during my last stay in Viñales, in the summer of 2016. Julio was referring to the boom in private tourism rentals, known as casas particulares, in this rural Cuban town. The […]

Sustainable Tourism… for Development?

Not a day goes by without being confronted, one way or the other, with the multiple environmental, societal, and economic challenges that our planet faces. Because it is impossible to tackle all problems at once, the United Nations (UN) has created so-called international observances—special days, weeks, months, years, and even decades that highlight an issue […]

Anthropologists Weigh in on the Sustainability of Tourism

With 1 billion annual tourists worldwide (and rising), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism. But how—and if—tourism can be sustainable, particularly as we strive to conserve cultural and natural heritage from man-made pressures is debatable, In May, the International Committee on Cultural Tourism (ICTC), a sub-committee of the International […]

A Bully in the Presidential Bully Pulpit

In American vernacular of the day, bully (as an adjective) meant “very good; first-rate.” Combined with pulpit, or a speaking platform, Theodore Roosevelt used the term to refer to the power that the presidency gave him to speak and be heard on vital issues facing the nation, from labor rights to political corruption to consumer food and drug safety. But under the presidency of Donald J. Trump, that advocacy-oriented bully pulpit as originally conceived by Roosevelt has morphed into a crude platform to engage in bullying behavior.


How to Teach about African Foragers One of my favorite courses to teach centers around a problematic category: hunter-gatherers. But the problematic nature is also one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching this course—it allows me to integrate scientific and critical perspectives in anthropology to train students to recognize myths about foragers and their […]

On Queer Amnesia

The AQA exists as a dedicated home for queer anthropology within the larger discipline. Nonetheless, in these pages, on the AN website, and in their own work, AQA section members have critically situated recent work on gender, sexuality, and queerness in a broader political context. As leaders hawk authoritarian and xenophobic populism globally, broadening our […]

Trump’s Wall and the Dictator Aesthetic

Well, look, we’re going to have a border. It’s going to be a real border, and we’re going to build a wall and it’s going to be a serious wall. Just remember that. And you remember I said it…. It’s going to be a serious wall. It’s going to be a real wall. It’s not going to […]

After the Women’s March

While pundits continue to debate what led to the outcome of 2016’s election, it is clear that intersections between gender and race played a central role. The question of how to interpret intersections between race, gender, and other axes of difference are, in turn, central to the resistance movements that have emerged in the wake […]

Retiring Your Library (Part One)

Landfill or Foreign Donation? More than five decades have passed since I entered graduate school at Cornell University to pursue a doctorate in anthropology. During my long career as an academic and applied anthropologist, I accumulated thousands of books, and as a member of many sections of the American Anthropological Association and other professional societies, […]