Multimodal Ethnography and the Possibilities for Engaged Anthropology

In our scholarship, we strive to strike a balance between anthropological theory-building and social engagement. To do so we use digital technology – inexpensive cameras and social media platforms – in our respective ethnographic projects. Our turn to the digital began during graduate school when we, along with faculty and fellow graduate students, imagined and […]

Evolutionary Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Religion

Historically, evolutionary anthropologists have allocated the majority of our attention to topics like subsistence strategies, parental investment, warfare, etc. One topic that has been given only minimal space is religion. We have seen an increase in the exploration into evolutionary explanations for religious behavior and religious affiliation in the evolutionary and human behavioral ecological literature over […]

The World after Brexit

Britain’s vote to leave the EU has ushered in a surprise: it turns out that voting matters, and the UK is living in a New Normal now. After a majority of British voters elected to leave the European Union (EU) in a referendum in June this year, the sky did not fall on our heads; […]

Unusual Politics as Usual?

What Trump’s smash-it-all message tells us about presidential campaigns. Before we join the refrain that the candidacy of Donald J. Trump in this presidential election is unprecedented, we should pause and remember that what we call the political order of “message” has been in the “anti-” mode for some time. Significant swatches of the American […]

Ethnography as Education, Alone and Otherwise

Ethnographic fieldwork is a unique and life-altering experience. But it is also a trying and complicated experience. Even as someone who is relatively new in the field of anthropology (I’ve just finished my undergraduate degree), I understand this. The following are my experiences and analyses of two different types of ethnography—ethnography conducted by a lone […]

AAA Launches Digital Data Management Resources

As part of its commitment to promoting best practices for data management, in September 2016 the AAA published online a set of modules, Bringing Digital Data Management Training into Methods Courses for Anthropology. Participants in two workshops that the AAA hosted were instrumental in developing the modules and related materials, which will help familiarize the next generation […]

So, What is Anthropology Anyway?

How do you engage students who have never heard of anthropology before? In a community college one finds very few students who have already decided to be anthropology majors. Some students are there to complete an applied (technical) associate degree and will enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Others plan to get an associate of […]

Undergraduate Intellectual Engagement through Conference Posters

Conference posters are much more interactive and engaging than podium papers. Posters are also less intimidating than papers and, thus, an ideal format for undergraduate students to begin to contribute to the discipline of anthropology as emerging scholars. For that reason, for the past decade, I have helped organize a poster session at the Annual […]

Brewing Disaster in Post-Earthquake Nepal

Climate change and global capital compound suffering for local communities. We are taking a short break from walking the narrow, steep paths around the Saipu Village of Ramechhap District, Nepal in July 2016. We rest at a small, simple Hindu temple perched on a rare flat, grassy area overlooking a breath-taking view of the Likhu […]

Going Native

  A picture may be worth a thousand words, a cartoon even more. Bernard Perley combines his professional training in fine arts, architecture and anthropology with his Native American experience to offer unique insights to his passion for Native American language and cultural revitalization. His positionality as a “native anthropologist” allows him to explore the […]