Charting New Territory

The Intersection of Language and Geography When most people think about linguistic geography, if they think of it at all, they think of dialect atlases such as the Atlas of North American English (Labov et al., 2006). But linguistic geography has the potential to be far more than isoglosses and vowel shifts. At the recent […]

A Taste of the Basque Country

My first trip to the Basque Country, an ethnic nation straddling northwest Spain and southwest France, was not academic in nature; I was there with my partner David to spend two weeks bicycling through the Pyrenees Mountains along the Bay of Biscay. However, since you can never take the anthropologist out of the anthropologist, and […]

A Tale of Two Museums

Among Basques, it used to be “the anthropologist as hero.” By the turn of the new millennium it was “the architect as hero.” Two museums embody the transition: the ethnographic museum of San Telmo in San Sebastian (which homes the archeological findings and ethnographic implements discovered by the two patriarchs of Basque archeology and ethnography, […]

Edited Out of History

How the Absence of Black and Brown Children from the Historical Record Could be Hazardous to Your Health When Lewis Hine took a job as the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee’s (NCLC) campaign to end child labor in 1908, he wanted to change the hearts and minds of Americans by showing the exploitive […]

Why Are People on the Move?

At the 2016 Folklife Festival AAA asks what objects you would take with you if you suddenly had to move and how you would cope with new surroundings.   What would you take with you if you suddenly had to move? A photo? Cell phone? Passport? #TakeItOTM   When moving, how do you cope with […]

Why We Need to Stop Talking about Trans People in the Bathroom

In a May 18, 2016 Time magazine article titled “What Science Says About the Bathroom Debate,”  journalist and Time magazine editor-at-large Jeffrey Kluger attempts to address why so many Americans are suddenly concerned about trans people in the bathroom. Importantly, Kluger approaches the issue not from a social or political basis, but from one he identifies as […]

Garbage, Waste-Products, and Value in Kunming

Since 2009, news outlets across China have repeated the mantra that “two-thirds of China’s cities face besiegement by garbage”—constituting a national crisis. Included is Kunming, the burgeoning capital of Yunnan Province. Yet, in addition to its propensity to “besiege”, proliferating waste matter has also generated economic opportunities for approximately 24 thousand rural migrants who make their living […]

Call for Proposals: Research Methods

What Research Methods Are You Using This Summer? This summer, Anthropology News would like to hear about the creative or innovative methods that you are using in your field research. Whether your research takes you to a biological anthropology lab or across the world, focuses on an NGO or a private kitchen, explores digital technologies […]

Call for Proposals: Mass Shootings

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Mass Shootings What can anthropology offer to public conversations about and understandings of mass shootings? In the wake of the attack in Orlando, AN is seeking submissions that approach this topic from a wide range of anthropological angles and global locales. Think gun cultures, homophobia and Islamophobia, Islamic extremism and other forms […]

Dance the City

How might an anthropologist use dance to study cities? How about dance ethnography as method? The Liquor Store Theatre project (LST) is a series of choreographed dance performances and ethnographic conversations on the sidewalks and spaces in and around liquor stores on Detroit’s east side. LST started in a moment where you feel tears begin […]