Achy Breaky Heart

This Valentine’s Day Anthropology News takes an alternative look at contemporary romance. Ilana Gershon shares her reflections on relationships and breakups, based on research for her 2010 book, The Break-Up 2.0: Disconnecting Over New Media. How do you conduct relationships through Twitter, Facebook and other social media today?    Break-ups can be long and complicated, […]

Black, Feminist and Unfunded: Advice on Fieldwork in New York City

Initially my project was about Afro-Caribbean domestics. Unfortunately I did not get funding and the summer courses I was scheduled to teach were canceled at the last minute. I was left with a choice: do I scrap the project or do I work with what I have? I sought advice from a former mentor and […]

Heritage Destruction in Cholula, Mexico

In 2014, via expropriations and without adequate permits by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the state government of Puebla, Mexico commenced construction of a park within the area surrounding the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Construction on this area is prohibited by a federal decree issued in 1993 for preserving the large monument […]

Care Comes Home

I have spent most of the past year thinking about and engaging with anthropological literature on care and caregiving. This interest has been spurned by my ethnographic engagement with women at-risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. I have been considering how these women’s decision to undergo risk-reducing surgery, that is pre-emptively removing ostensibly healthy […]

Does Early Intervention Promote Recovery?

Director of NIMH Leaves for Google to Develop New Technologies There is a growing trend among large companies in the private sector to join in health promotion efforts, both at home and on the global stage. Google is no exception. Within the next year, Google will begin crafting new technologies aimed at prevention and early […]

Childbirth in the Americas: Part One

Rumors, Threats and C-sections in Rural Yucatan One fall evening in 2013, sitting on a bench in front of her house, I talked with Elena about her life, work and some of the pressing health concerns of the residents from her rural pueblo. Elena is a registered Yucatec Maya midwife living and working in Saban, […]

Rina Sherman and the Ovahimba

Exhibit Review Approach the exhibit hall of the Francois Mitterrand National Library of France (BnF) Donor’s Gallery in Paris, and the full on gaze of the headman of Etanga beckons to the visitor to enter. Head turned to watch as you approach, he is surrounded by cattle while standing there in his dry, dusty field. […]

Cultivating Knowledge about Cannabis Legalization

The 2015 Annual Meeting in Denver provided a unique opportunity for members to learn firsthand about possibilities and risks accompanying legalized marijuana. Colorado’s passage of Amendment 64 in 2012 is part of a national trend toward full cannabis legalization (medical and recreational), and raises critical questions about the political, economic, and social processes that transform […]

Making Connections Through Simulation

The simulator operator warned me that I might get sick. I stepped down from the platform into the cockpit, mentally preparing myself for the nausea I should expect to follow. I was unreasonably nervous as the operator glided me into place. As I began my first flight in an F-5N Tiger II simulator (usually referred […]