Awkward Objects of Genocide

The Holocaust and Vernacular Arts in and beyond Polish Ethnographic Museums   Eastern Europe witnessed 14 million deaths in a period of little more than a decade between 1933 and 1945. The local impact of such widespread and wanton killing as it reverberated in towns, villages, and communities over the subsequent decades is only just […]

CFP=Call for Problems

Should I take another adjunct position? How do I get through this mound of exam marking? Graduate student healthcare in the era of Donald Trump—what do I need to know? I think my senior colleague is trying to blackball my tenure process. How do I find out? What is the appropriate amount of alcohol to consume […]

Introduction to “Ethnographer as Activist”

Grappling with Ethnography and Advocacy in the Field What follows is a transcribed conversation between the authors. It has been edited for length and clarity. Haley Bryant: When we began this discussion it took the form of a conference panel designed to work through some of the challenges associated with bridging the gap between ethnography […]

Engagements with Ethnographic Care

On care and self-care as an anthropologist and rape crisis advocate. I came to my work with survivors of sexual violence, initially, out of care. Care about the individuals who endure the physical, psychic, and social wounds of sexual violence and its attendant traumas, and a desire to provide care for individuals who identify as […]

On Not Being Seen

Visibility in the field can be fraught with methodological and ethical dilemmas. “Go ahead inside. I need to get a few things from the trunk,” I told Destiny as I dropped her off outside the recreation center on a cold, March night last year. She understood the subtext: we shouldn’t be seen coming in together. […]

A Nuclear Advocacy Dilemma

Advocacy anthropology does not always mean aligning oneself with an underdog. Since the establishment of our discipline, anthropologists have fretted over the question of whether they should deploy their own privileged knowledge to intervene in debates and disputes among their subjects. Should they dispassionately take notes on female genital mutilation, or should they advocate against […]

Writing and Research in a Conflict Zone

For the activist-scholar research can mean navigating between different audiences, modes, and ethics of representation. When the Kony 2012 video went viral, it sparked numerous conversations about Western activism and Africa. The video focused on the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group that started in northern Uganda, and the US-led social movement to end […]

Reproductive Travelers

Examining the migratory pathways of a global reproductive industry.   We’ve joined forces with AAA’s latest public education initiative “World on the Move: 100,000 Years of Human Migration” to launch an ongoing series of articles on migration and displacement. Click here for all World on the Move articles. American reproductive travelers I met Valerie at a Czech […]

Racialization, Affect, and Refuge

How do we begin to grapple with the racialization of empathy? How do we capture, both ethnographically and politically, the differential allocation of sympathy, compassion, and the kind of care that mobilizes? For some people, these disparities are exemplified by the recent mass demonstrations of the Million Women March in cities around the world, with […]

Relics of the Future

The sociotechnical functions of secondhand trams in Romanian cities. This post is the first in a three-part series on Romanian Mobilities: Vehicles of Migration in New Europe. The tram on line 39 in Galați, Romania rumbles past a block of communist-era apartment buildings, festooned with an advertisement for mineral water. While the advertisement is a […]