Call for Proposals: Health and Well-being

With health policy debates in the US ongoing, AN invites proposals for feature articles, commentary, photo essays and other media that shed an anthropological light on health and well-being past and present. We’re seeking engaging stories on topics from global health travel to infectious disease, evolutionary medicine to e/m-health interventions, ancient DNA and diets to […]

Life and Time after Fidel

What does the future hold for Cubans who came of age with the revolutionary state? On November 25, 2016, Fidel Castro Ruz passed away. As Cuba’s Commander-in-Chief from 1959 until 2008 (when power formally passed to his brother, Raúl), he headed a state that survived the tenures of ten US presidents, from Eisenhower to Obama. […]

The Unwelcomed Guest

Early in April the faculty at Indiana University had a heated email discussion about Charles Murray’s visit to our campus. The co-author of the notorious The Bell Curve, he was recently the subject of a demonstration at Middlebury College. He was not coming to IU to discuss his earlier book on human population genetics, but […]

Marching for Science in London

An anthropologist joins demonstrators and asks, “What happens next?” I am currently in London, beginning a year of fieldwork in climate finance, and on Saturday I joined the city’s March for Science. Straight from the field, I present my experience in the form of two fieldnotes, one for the day before and the day of […]

Storying Climate Change

Local testimonies build understandings of global climate change and galvanize meaningful action. There is a lot of talk about how we can bring the climate change message to individuals, communities, and even policymakers in the United States in this era of climate change denial and even denial of the foundation of our knowledge base—science. I […]

Populating the Pacific Northwest

 On the Discovery of a 14,000 year old settlement on the west coast of Canada. Mainstream media were quick to pick up on a report of a 14,000 year old archaeological site on the west coast of Canada, and rightly so. Besides being among the oldest sites in the region, it provides support of the […]

Turkey Votes

The Turkish referendum could extend President Erdoğan’s one-man rule. A piece of bicolored paper. On the left is printed EVET (YES), in black font over a white background, and on the right, HAYIR (NO), in black font over a light brown background. A regular A8 sheet of paper such as this ballot I am holding […]

Dream Factories in the Time of War

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, the Arab world held elections—anyone who had access to a cell phone and wanted to pay the extra fee to send an SMS could vote.  Arab Idol is one of the most watched programs for Arabic speakers around the world and anyone can vote. Over 100 million viewers watched the […]

Cities as Migrant Emplacement

São Paulo rappers are remaking the cultural space of the city. We’ve joined forces with AAA’s public education initiative “World on the Move: 100,000 Years of Human Migration” to run an ongoing series of articles on migration and displacement. Click here for all World on the Move articles. Current events continue to remind us that migration is a […]

Six Ways Anthropologists Can Challenge White Supremacy

Recently, white supremacists attempted to defame Boasian Anthropology and its historic role in challenging scientific racism. This article proposes some concrete steps by which to challenge whiteness as a category of power and status, and is a follow-up to last month’s Diversity and the Rise of the Alt-Right. While this list is short, do not […]