Don’t Throw Out the Baby with Social Evolution

Revisiting “Tribe” in the Middle East and North Africa In college and graduate school, smarting from years of patronizing and homogenizing images of Arabs, I rejected the social evolutionary assumptions in so many of the texts I read. I also argued vehemently against the use of “tribe” in anthropology, a term that appeared to lump […]

Two More Views on Anthropologists and Boycotts

Note from the editor: Anthropology News shares here two essays that discuss the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement (BDS) as it relates to current discussions among anthropologists. As a reminder, all essays appearing in AN reflect the views of the authors; their publication does not signify endorsement by AN or the AAA. Authors are expected to verify all factual […]

Crafting Interactive Journalism

To understand the current social movements and protest culture in Japan, it is necessary to understand the role played by the mass and alternative media. In the wake of the 3.11 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters, a sense that the mass media had failed to accurately report on the nuclear contamination at Fukushima galvanized a group of individuals […]

Teaching Globalization with Sci-Fi

I teach about the South Pacific in introductory anthropology. With a price tag on everything, the most important lesson for college students is the gift. So, over the past several years, I have used an ethnography of the Orokaiva people of Papua New Guinea alongside a film, Letter to the Dead (André Iteanu and Eytan […]

Student Protests Return to Tokyo

Contributing Editors’ Note: Due to recent media attention on the activists of Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy (SEALDS), we have moved up Robin O’Day’s report in this article series—“Social Movements in Japan”— to reflect its timeliness. Note on photographs: The author took all photographs of the August 23, 2015 SEALDS demonstration.  Do not reproduce […]

Anthropologists and the Moynihan Report

Family Structure, Race and Poverty Ours is a society which presumes male leadership in private and public affairs. The arrangements of society facilitate such leadership and reward it. A sub-culture, such as that of the Negro American, in which this is not the pattern, is placed at a distinct disadvantage. —DP Moynihan, The Negro Family: […]

On Transitioning Field Sites

With extensive methods training and previous research experience guiding me, I confidently entered the field in 2013 to investigate the relationships between gendered violence, peace building efforts, and land conflict in post-conflict northern Uganda. The project was collaborative, interdisciplinary, and laid the groundwork for my subsequent dissertation project. I came out of the experience with […]

Introduction to the Series “Social Movements in Japan”

Contributing Editors’ Note: We present our next Society for East Asian Anthropology (SEAA) article series on the social movements that are presently occurring in Japan, with David H Slater (Sophia U) as this series’ curator. What follows is his introduction to the context and content of the four forthcoming reports in this series. The triple […]

Two Anthropologists Look beyond Diplomacy for a Peace Framework in South Sudan

Sharon E Hutchinson (U Wisconsin–Madison) and Naomi R Pendle (London School of Economics and Political Science) have just published “Violence, legitimacy, and prophecy: Nuer struggles with uncertainty in South Sudan” in American Ethnologist. Their article is particularly timely because July 2015 marks the fourth anniversary of independence for South Sudan, which is the world’s newest […]

“Pro-Government” Is Not “Pro-Corruption” in the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquakes

Since the April 25th earthquake in Nepal, as anthropologists, aid workers, Nepalis and outsiders, we have responded to our grief in both laudable and questionable ways. Many of us have thrown ourselves into action through the networks and organizations we are connected to in Nepal. In an environment rife with anguish and critique, we admire […]