The Straight Dope on Regulating Fair Play in Sport

Why do so many athletes seem to be cheating? Kathryn Henne delves into the rules surrounding doping and gender in sport.   Anxieties around cheating in sport seem to be everywhere. Even the golden girl of professional tennis, Maria Sharapova, has joined the growing list of elite athletes whose reputations have been tarnished by performance-enhancing […]

Conflict over Transitional Justice in Nepal

A decade after Nepal’s internal armed conflict came to an end its victims are still campaigning for redress. Krista Billingsley describes recent demonstrations in Kathmandu and charts the long road towards transitional justice.   On International Right to Truth Day (March 24, 2016), victims of Nepal’s armed conflict and human rights activists gathered to demonstrate […]

Independence for Scotland?

The UK Brexit vote has reawakened calls for independence in Scotland. Cynthia Mahmood and Emma Simmons share their notes from the field. We recently returned from a short stint of fieldwork in Scotland to find our topic—the Scottish independence movement—at the center of the news. The “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union has put […]

Art and Activism in Africa

If professional associations decided to hold their conferences in international locations to increase scholarly exchange with academics located in the global south, what would such a move look like? “Innovation, Transformation, and Sustainable Futures in Africa,” a joint conference of the American Anthropological Association and the African Studies Association was held in Dakar, Senegal from […]

#DakarFutures 2016

In June 2016 academics, professionals, practitioners and students gathered in Dakar for a conference on “Innovation, Transformation and Sustainable Futures in Africa.” For nearly two decades, there has been a ritual complaint among North American academics who are members of both the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and the African Studies Association (ASA): Why oh why […]

Feminist Futures in Africa?

“Je suis feministe!” (I am feminist!) declared renowned Senegalese sociologist Fatou Sow (Université Cheikh Anta Diop) to a packed, energized room at the ASA/AAA Dakar Conference. “I am a feminist in ideology, methodology, and politics!” As Sow explained, African women (and men) have been debating whether or not they are “feminist” for almost 40 years.  […]

Flashes of Insight

If you had to convey one aspect of your research in five minutes, how would you do it?  This is the challenge that eight scholars took up at the joint AAA/ASA conference “Innovation, transformation, and sustainable futures in Africa” held in Dakar, Senegal in June 2016.  To make the conference format itself innovative, we invited […]

Charting Charcoal in Haiti

Estimating and Understanding Annual Charcoal Production and Consumption at the National level in Haiti Anthropologists engage subjects at various scales through a plethora of methods. We may solicit narratives from individuals through ethnographic interviews; we may study sub-populations through focus groups; or we may learn about village or regional-level trends by analyzing geospatial data, to […]

Working at a Döner Kebab Shop

My research in Strasbourg, France, explores how Muslim Turkish men negotiate where they go and what they do when they go out in a borderland that generates moral anxieties. Initially, I expected research to take place in venues where my interlocutors socialized, and not workspaces. Most migrant men, however, worked long hours and extra days—leaving […]

Unapologetically Black?

Savannah Shange on shapeshifting, state violence and ritual regret after a week of shootings.   Twelve white seven-day candles illuminated the pungent sage smoke billowing across the crowd. A few hundred people had come for the vigil on the levee, timed for sunset over the Mississippi river.  A lone dinghy glided ominously through the water, […]