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Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Standing Their Ground in #Ferguson

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Lydia Brassard
Michael Partis

In her 2013 AAA Presidential Address, Anthropology Matters, Leith Mullings outlined the mutually constitutive relationship between social movements of the…More

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Reverend does popular "hands up don't shoot" gesture. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Ferguson: An American Story

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Raymond Codrington

By now the story is familiar to many. In Ferguson, MO, a town of less than 16,000 people, Michael Brown,…More

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Riot Police. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

On March 19, 1935, the white manager of WH Kress & Co five-and-dime store on 125th Street in Harlem apprehended…More

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Night 3 in Ferguson, MO. Photo courtesy WIkimedia Commons

The Violence of the Status Quo

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Pem Davidson Buck

Michael Brown, Ferguson and Tanks Years ago I thought about writing a paper I would call “The Violence of the…More

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Southern California coastline and Santa Monica mountains. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Unemployment and Divine Plans

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Claudia Strauss

When I began my research interviewing unemployed and underemployed Southern Californians in 2011, I did not expect that their religious…More

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Personnel of the heavy-crude pipeline work to stabilize the hillside after a landslide fractured the pipeline in Winchele, outside of the city of Esmeraldas in 2013. Approximately 5,000 barrels of heavy crude oil were spilled into the Winchele River. Photo courtesy Gabriela Valdivia

Crude Entanglements

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Gabriela Valdivia
Flora Lu

Living with Oil in Ecuador Thanks to social science funding from the NSF, we are researching how energy policy and…More

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Clearing trenches during a community cleaning exercise. Photo courtesy Jacob Doherty

Time and Money

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Jacob Doherty

Fieldwork Takes Both My research site in Kampala, Uganda is heavily saturated by national and international NGOs with short term…More

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Roundtable participants (Ilisa Barbash, John Bishop, Karma Foley, Jake Homiak, Guha Shankar, David Rowntree) break off into small group discussions. Photo courtesy Frank Aveni

Exploring Ethnographic Film Archiving Today

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Alice Apley
Alijah Case

Last spring, a group of 20 notable archivists, anthropologists, filmmakers and others concerned with the future of ethnographic media met…More

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Madre de Dios, Peru. Photo courtesy Geoff Gallice and wikicommons

An NSF-funded Investigation of Cultural Change in Amazonia I work at an ethnic boundary. “When they [the Matsigenka] first come,…More

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Chicago across from Lake Michigan. Photo courtesy Mike Boehmer and wikicommons

The Raw and the Reviewed

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Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz

My Experiences with the NSF One of the most significant moments in my early career was being awarded a National…More

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