How Do You Do “Social”?

We invite you to share your strategies for feeling connected and balancing home and work responsibilities in these social distancing times.

Tea Fit for a Queen

Tea sipping has a distinctly queer pedigree. To serve tea properly, one must be skilled in the art of verbal delivery. 

Gossip—A Thing Humans Do

Gossip and rumor are important informal modes of communication, influencing public opinion and individual actions. But, the distinction between information and falsehood can be difficult to see. 

Gossip in the Aid Industry

For international aid workers, gossip is a means of navigating a complex industry and acquiring essential information.


To coincide with ART Basel this June, Anthropology News is exploring its creative side. What can anthropology tell us about art and the people who make it? How can art and art practice challenge anthropology? What can art tell us about being human and the human imagination?