J. D. Y. (John) Peel

J. D. Y. (John) Peel died on November 2, 2015. Born in Dumfries, Scotland on November 13, 1941, he took his first degree in Classics at Balliol College Oxford, before studying Sociology at the London School of Economics. In 1966 John completed a doctoral thesis published as Aladura: a Religious Movement among the Yoruba (1968), […]

Hanns Jürgen Prem

Hanns Jürgen Prem, 73, a devoted German scholar to Mesoamerican studies passed away on October 8, 2014, in Geneva, Switzerland. Born in Vienna, on January 18, 1941, he initiated his undergraduate studies in ethnology at the Frei Universität Berlin. In following his passion for Mesoamerican writing systems and colonial texts, he moved to the Universität […]

Harriet Estelle Turner

Harriet Estelle Turner, 95, a life-long Seattleite, earned a BA at the University of Washington in anthropology, music, French and elementary education. She was a superb musician, able to transpose any music for the piano, as well as playing violin and clarinet. She performed with Arthur Ballard, who dedicated his life to Lushshootseed (then known […]

Toshio Yatsushiro

Toshio Yatsushiro, 97, was one of a few second generation Japanese Americans to receive a PhD in anthropology within a decade after World War II. Although he did not have a conventional academic career, he logged many significant achievements. Born on the island of Maui, Yatsushiro was a senior at the University of the Redlands […]

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson, 39, passed away May 21, 2015. She is survived by her wife Ryan Christie. We mourn the loss of her brilliant mind, quick smile and mischievous humor. She was known for incisive scholarship on politics and social justice. She wove a keen artistic sense for poetics into her ethnographic observations, as evident in her […]

Estelle Sillen Fuchs

Estelle Sillen Fuchs, professor emeritus in the School of Education at Hunter College CUNY, passed away peacefully at her home in Miami Beach on May 31, one day short of her 93rd birthday. Fuchs’ long and productive career began in the 1940s as a graduate student at Columbia University, during which time she conducted field […]

Peter T Furst

Peter T Furst, 92, passed away in Santa Fe, NM on March 8, 2015. This esteemed cultural anthropologist enjoyed a long and prolific career as a college professor and researcher, authoring and editing hundreds of books and scholarly articles published in several languages, as well as producing ethnographic documentary films. Born in Cologne, Germany on […]

Pauline Kolenda

Pauline M Kolenda, 86, died on March 15, 2014, in Oakland, CA. Born in Manchester, NH, February 4,1928, she earned a BA in sociology and anthropology at Wellesley College in 1949 and, in 1955, a PhD from Cornell University in sociology, cultural anthropology and social psychology. Her dissertation (written as Pauline Moller Mahar, 1955) examined […]

Virginia Hymes

Virginia Hymes (née Dosch) died on March 31, 2015 at her home in Charlottesville, VA. She had a long career as a researcher and teacher in anthropological linguistics, culminating in her lectureship in the University of Virginia department of anthropology from 1990–2000. Through her research on Sahaptin and other languages, she worked to demonstrate the […]

Erika Eichhorn Bourguignon

Erika Eichhorn Bourguignon, 90, died in Columbus, Ohio, February 15, 2015. She was professor emerita of anthropology at The Ohio State University, where she taught for more than 40 years. She is best known for her contributions to psychological anthropology, anthropology of religion, and the anthropology of women. Born in Vienna in 1924, Bourguignon arrived […]