William “Bill” Arens

Cultural anthropologist, authority on cannibalism, Fulbright senior scholar, United Nations consultant, and Stony Brook University professor William “Bill” Arens, passed away on August 6, 2019, after suffering from a form of Parkinson’s disease.

William S. Simmons

William S. Simmons, professor of anthropology at Brown University, passed away on June 2, 2018.

Naomi R. Quinn

Naomi Quinn (79), professor emerita of cultural anthropology at Duke University, died on June 23, 2019, in Durham, North Carolina, at home with family.

Deanna Trakas

Deanna Trakas, an American anthropologist who built her career in Greece, died on December 5, 2016 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she had returned the year prior to her death.

Paula G. Rubel

Paula Rubel, an inspirational teacher, a sympathetic mentor, and a powerful intellectual force, died suddenly in May 2018. She was 85.

Dorothy Holland

May 18, 1944–April 13, 2019 Cultural anthropologist, Dorothy “Dottie” Caye Holland, 74, died on April 13, 2019, from ovarian cancer. Holland was born in Newport, Tennessee, on May 18, 1944. She began her academic career as a mathematician, graduating from East Carolina University magna cum laude in 1966. She then turned her analytical mind to […]

Kenelm O. L.  Burridge

Kenelm Burridge, a scholar of immense scope and a legendary teacher at the University of British Columbia (UBC), passed away at the age of 96 on May 21, 2019, in North Vancouver, Canada.

Roy Wagner

Roy Wagner, a visionary cultural anthropologist who inspired many with his intellectually adventuresome studies of kinship, ritual, myth, creativity, and symbolic power, died on September 10, 2018, at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia.