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Artist Carlos Latuff's image captures the growing Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement and its' desire to dismantle the power structures that oppress Palestinians. Photo courtesy Carlos Latuff, 2010

Discussing the Calls for an Academic Boycott at the Annual Meeting What does it mean to produce anthropology in Palestine-Israel,…More

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Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Contesting the Terms of Inclusion

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Heather Wurtz

Kichwa Midwives Challenge State Commitment to Indigenous Rights There is an increased controversy on the role of indigenous midwives in…More

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Ukrainian children "occupying" the tanks from the WWII era during Victory Day celebrations in Kyiv

Reflections from the Undergraduate Classroom In February 2014, when I taught an anthropology seminar on “Globalization and Social Change” at…More

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Community meeting in the Ethiopian village of Mai Misham. Photo courtesy Peter Van Arsdale

Imagining Ethiopia

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Peter W Van Arsdale

Dichotomies of Rights and Development Dichotomies As an applied anthropologist working in Ethiopia, I have found that it is very…More

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Selling the Language Gap

Selling the Language Gap

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Susan D Blum
Kathleen C Riley

False Premises, False Promises You may have read recently about a novel approach to solving inequality (eg, here and here).…More

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A massive natural disaster hit Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in May 2014.  Disastrous floods followed several days of torrential rains. …More

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Informal boys’ touch-rugby game, Ha‘ateiho village, Tonga, August 2008.  Photo courtesy Kitahara Takuya

2014, the year in which this issue of Open Anthropology is being published, may be remembered for two key events…More

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Ibirama Protest 2013 Photo courtesy C Pace.

Street Protests and Electronic Media in Brazil

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Richard Pace
Glenn H Shepard Jr
Conrad Kottak

Views from Small Towns and Villages* From June through September 2013, tens to hundreds of thousands protestors flooded the streets…More

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image courtesy wikicommons

Future of NGO Studies

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Christian Vannier
Mark Schuller
Amanda Lashaw

Last fall, over 150 anthropologists from 17 different countries descended upon Chicago to convene The Future of NGO Studies, the…More

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Lights. Photo courtesy wikicommons

Lessons from Post-colonial Africa Introduction Paul Nchoji Nkwi is considered the father of Cameroonian Anthropology. I met him in January…More

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