Protest in Donetsk, Ukraine (April 7, 2014). Courtesy of Andrew Butko.

Over the past several months, Ukraine has been subjected to intense turmoil as ethnic Russian elements in the country have…More

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Oil abstract painting. Image courtesy Waldemar smolarek art via Wikimedia Commons

Towards an Informed AAA Position on Israel-Palestine

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Monica Heller
Hugh Gusterson
Alisse Waterston
Edward Liebow

Several US-based scholarly associations have recently undertaken debates or passed resolutions with respect to Israel/Palestine. We have discussed related issues…More

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Photo by Leah Elizabeth photography:
Abandoned Amusement Park in Dare County, NC
Photo courtesy Christine Avenarius

Humans Are Part of Nature Too

* * * * ½ 5 votes

Christine B Avenarius

The Need to Prepare for Change We often hear that the American public has little understanding of scientific evidence for…More

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The view towards town. Photo courtesy Emily Brooks

The Slow Disaster

* * * *   4 votes

Emily Brooks

Climate Change Temporalities in a Desert Town It’s a lively day at the country club in Borrego Springs, California, a…More

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Crop production associated with the aquaponics facility.

The historical and present-day interactions between people and the natural environment on the relatively undeveloped Caribbean island of Barbuda are…More

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Ice ridges in the Beaufort Sea off the northern coast of Alaska. Photo courtesy NOAA At The Ends of the Earth Collection

From “Would” and “Will” to “Could” and “Can”

* * * * * 1 vote

Philip A Loring
David V Fazzino II

Climate Change and Environmental (In)Justice in the North American Arctic Anthropogenic climate change is rapidly remaking the land and seascapes…More

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Entomophagy Anthropology

Eating insects, or entomophagy, is touted as a healthy and environmentally responsible food source of which we should be taking…More

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Russian Phoenix

Anthropology and Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy theories are my constant companions.  As an anthropologist doing research in Eastern Europe, I have…More

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Charisma, Authenticity, Emotion and the Future

* * * * ½ 52 votes

Sara M Bergstresser
Erick Castellanos
Victoria Phaneuf

Papers in Honor of Charles Lindholm Charles Lindholm’s body of work represents an important contribution to psychological anthropology, but his…More

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Why Conferences Matter to the Future of Anthropology

For over 130 years, NAPA has helped to promote the practice of anthropology both inside and outside of academia. This…More

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