Unsettling Gender Normativities through Dance and Music

The annual Istanbul LGBT Pride Week will kick off at the end of June in Turkey. For the 24th consecutive year, the event will incorporate the traditional parade which will roll down the streets of a historic city that was once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Every year, crowds in festive attires increase and […]

Combating Disease

Health Crises and Military Intervention Should the military play a role in global health? On Tuesday, April 19th The San Diego Tribune reported that the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego is one of only six laboratories in California that will begin using a Trioplex Real-time RT-PCR Assay (Trioplex rRT-PCR) to test civilian specimens […]

Points of Possible Convergence

Biocultural and Linguistic Anthropology   “What can be gained by the combination of biocultural and linguistic anthropology?” Biocultural anthropology offers an interdisciplinary, cross-subfield approach to anthropological research. It draws heavily upon various biological, cognitive, and sociocultural theories, among others, to point researchers towards methodologies and variables for inclusion in research design. The outcome of such […]

Communicating Bodies

New Juxtapositions of Linguistic and Medical Anthropology Linguistic anthropology and medical anthropology are growth areas of anthropology, yet research across these two fields has been relatively limited. Recently medical and linguistic anthropologists have shifted from viewing language, medicine, and science as established objects to documenting the practices, discourses, and technologies through which they are produced. […]

Artificial Intelligence I: The PKD Android

In 2005, a community of Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, engineers and artists produced an android that looks like the late science fiction author Philip K Dick (PKD). It is a manifestation and embodiment, an interpretation of the future rooted in the mythology of science fiction and the reality of technology. The android is considered by its […]

Sounding Home

Syrian Musicians in Istanbul How might music produce of a sense of home for displaced Syrians in Turkey? What is the role of displaced Syrians in the preservation and transformation of their musical traditions? In addressing these and related questions my current research with Syrian musicians in Istanbul hopes to add to our understanding of […]

SfAAs 2016: A Call to Action and Activism

I have never felt that I could or should identify as an activist. Activists, in my (clichéd and romanticized) view are people who take visible and passionate sides of an issue, they participate in protests, they champion the oppressed, and reveal and critique the many types of injustices that exist in our globalized world. As […]

Being Polyamorous: Part 1

“Hi, I’m Viola and I’m Polyamorous” *Although very open and keen to discuss her experiences and sexual preferences, “Viola” cited bullying and security concerns. Out of respect for her concerns, her name has been changed and no images of her face were taken. As a fan of the anthropologist, Lila Abu-Lughod, when I think about […]

War in Syria and the Refugee Crisis

There are different ways in which the war in Syria and the ensuing refugee crisis can be made sense of anthropologically. When a crisis looms large on the global stage, the tendency is to focus on the immediacy of the crisis at hand and relegate to the background those that preceded it. While we focus […]

The Bone Lab Goes To School

“You’re the lady that taught us about the bones last year,” one of the students exclaimed as I made my way through the door of Bedford Village Public School in Brooklyn, NY. It felt good to be remembered for an anthropology lesson taught over a year ago. My team and I were welcomed into the […]