Grassroots & State-Sponsored Activism in Ukraine

Over the past several months, Ukraine has been subjected to intense turmoil as ethnic Russian elements in the country have agitated for increased autonomy after the fall of the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych’s government in February 2014. The Russian separatist movement within Ukraine reached its crescendo with the March 16th referendum in which more than […]

Towards an Informed AAA Position on Israel-Palestine

Several US-based scholarly associations have recently undertaken debates or passed resolutions with respect to Israel/Palestine. We have discussed related issues in recent years in a variety of panels at the AAA Annual Meeting, and within section conversations. This winter, some members approached the Executive Board and the Executive Program Committee for the 2014 AAA Annual […]

Humans Are Part of Nature Too

The Need to Prepare for Change We often hear that the American public has little understanding of scientific evidence for imminent climate change and that few Americans experience the effects of climate change in their own backyards (Akerlof and Maibach 2011). However, in recent years, two seemingly contradictory trends are beginning to mutually affect each […]

The Slow Disaster

Climate Change Temporalities in a Desert Town It’s a lively day at the country club in Borrego Springs, California, a small desert town and prominent ecological hotspot. The conference room fills as community leaders, local experts, and scientists from the nearby University of California, Irvine gather for a “visioneering workshop” on building a sustainable tourist […]

Connecting Transdisciplinary Scientists and Local Experts for Climate Change Research and Community-Based Adaptation in Barbuda, West Indies

The historical and present-day interactions between people and the natural environment on the relatively undeveloped Caribbean island of Barbuda are being investigated to develop a framework to enhance future sustainability and resilience through local self-sufficiency. As a semi-enclosed island system, Barbuda provides an excellent venue to examine topics of sustainability, resilience, vulnerability, and the adaptability […]

From “Would” and “Will” to “Could” and “Can”

Climate Change and Environmental (In)Justice in the North American Arctic Anthropogenic climate change is rapidly remaking the land and seascapes on which the peoples of the North American Arctic have lived for millennia, and the evidence of this is both extensive and dramatic. Seasonal sea ice is receding, impacting marine mammals and marine mammal hunts. […]

Entomophagy Anthropology

Eating insects, or entomophagy, is touted as a healthy and environmentally responsible food source of which we should be taking greater advantage.  Present-day consumption of insects is minimal in developed countries, but there are small businesses popping up around the United States to bring this food to the masses and begin a conversation about their […]

Russian Phoenix

Anthropology and Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy theories are my constant companions.  As an anthropologist doing research in Eastern Europe, I have been collecting them for the last 18 years.  Since the global recession began in 2008, conspiracy theories have multiplied and spread throughout the region.  These stories help me understand the local worldviews of men and […]

Charisma, Authenticity, Emotion and the Future

Papers in Honor of Charles Lindholm Charles Lindholm’s body of work represents an important contribution to psychological anthropology, but his contribution extends beyond his writing to his extraordinary work as a mentor and educator. Through this work, Lindholm has catalyzed a new generation of anthropologists who are striving to better understand the diverse ways in […]

Why Conferences Matter to the Future of Anthropology

For over 130 years, NAPA has helped to promote the practice of anthropology both inside and outside of academia. This year’s Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) 74th Annual Meeting, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past May, demonstrated an impressive fusion of present and future practitioners that successfully contributed to that cause. It is in […]