AES Sharon Stephens Prize Winner and Honorable Mention

AES awarded the 2015 Sharon Stephens Prize at the AES Business meeting in Denver in November 2015. The prize was awarded to Audra Simpson (Columbia U) for her book Mohawk Interruptus: Political Life Across the Borders of Settler States (Duke University Press, 2014). Honorable Mention went to Laurence Ralph (Harvard U) for Renegade Dreams: Living Through […]

Report on the 2015 SLA Business Meeting

The annual business meeting of the SLA in Denver was attended by about 170 people. President Paul Kroskrity reported that the SLA is pursing a mentorship policy that will entail new areas of cooperation between the AAA and its sections. He also reported on SLA’s recent collaborations with kindred associations (AAAL and LSA), and issued […]

Report on 2015 Arkhaios Film Festival

The Third Annual Arkhaios Film Festival, held October 22-24 on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, brought together another collection of excellent and thought provoking regional and international films on archaeology. Jean Guilleux founded this annual, free event, which provides documentary filmmakers an enthusiastic audience with a variety of interests and backgrounds. Guilleux’s only criterion […]

Ernestine Friedl

Ernestine Friedl, 95, died peacefully at home in Chapel Hill, NC, on October 12, 2015. Among the earliest U.S. anthropologists to do fieldwork in Europe, she conducted research in Greece starting in 1955 and published the widely read Vasilika: A Village in Modern Greece (1962), the first anthropological monograph on that country. She had previously […]

The Absent Crowd

What imagery has come to define political life in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe? In the summer of 2012, a few hundred protesters gathering weekly in front of the prime minister’s office (Kantei-mae) grew into hundreds of thousands. Every Friday evening, the crowd manifested itself, pouring silently out of subway exits and municipal buses, politely […]

Part II: SLACA welcomes Linda J. Seligmann, the new editor for the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (JLACA)

SLACA’s AN section editor, Melisa Rivière, took the opportunity to interview Linda J. Seligmann in order to welcome her to her new role and introduce her to our members. The interview with Dr. Seligmann that follows is the the second of a two-part series. Follow this link to view part one. MR: What are some […]

AD Updates and The RPA Certification of Archaeology Field Schools

By the time you are reading this, the Annual Meetings in Denver will have come to a close. The January (online) and March/April (print) versions of Anthropology News will give you a glimpse into the happenings at the meetings and the rich and diverse archaeological contributions to the 2015 program. One event that takes place […]

J. D. Y. (John) Peel

J. D. Y. (John) Peel died on November 2, 2015. Born in Dumfries, Scotland on November 13, 1941, he took his first degree in Classics at Balliol College Oxford, before studying Sociology at the London School of Economics. In 1966 John completed a doctoral thesis published as Aladura: a Religious Movement among the Yoruba (1968), […]

Curation of Migration

Moving Matters Traveling Workshop (MMTW) reunites artists, academics and performers that share the experience of serial migration. The flexible format of the workshop exhibits work or specific performances from a general theme that is chosen each year. I have not participated in a workshop and would not consider myself a serial migrant. The curation methods […]

Exploring Embodied Methodologies in Undergraduate Research

My undergraduate honors thesis work emerged out of autoethnographic reflections on my personal relationships with food, body, and reproduction. The broad purpose of my research was to obtain a preliminary understanding of how women who have or have had an eating disorder experience pregnancy and birth. A further goal of this research was to explore […]