Protecting Undocumented Students Post-Election

From meeting to action. Working together to support our students.   In the wake of the recent presidential election, we find ourselves reflecting deeply on our roles as teachers, researchers, and scholars. As anthropologists, we grapple with a historical moment that challenges our values of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion, values to which we have dedicated […]

Genetics, Race, and the Practice of Science, Part Two

On how human genetics is biopolitical. Earlier this year Jonathan Marks and I sat down at the University of Notre Dame for a conversation about his recent books, Tales of the Ex-Apes: How We Think about Human Evolution (2015) and Is Science Racist? (2017), and many of the ideas he covers, including scientific racism, power […]

Art and the Carabinieri

The Corps of the Royal Carabinieri was established in 1814 by the King of Sardinia to provide both national defense and local policing. The Carabinieri continues to serve its dual function in modern Italy. As a military force, the Carabinieri is responsible for protecting people, institutions, and resources in the event of national disasters; conducting […]

Genetics, Race, and the Practice of Science, Part One

On how the humanities help us think critically about science. Jonathan Marks and I have a lot in common (despite the fact that I am a Christian feminist theologian and he is a biological anthropologist). We are both interested in human wrongdoing and how intellectual practices can function to either prop up human wrongdoing or […]

My Hopes for the Future of Healthcare Reform in the US

I have studied healthcare access in the US for the past four years. I believed that I understood the general direction the country was going in regards to health policy and healthcare reform. That changed yesterday when Donald Trump was elected president. Today I have no idea what the future of health care in the […]