Connecting Buffalo

My research is aimed at the ways in which people interact with space in downtown Buffalo, New York. I have completed over a year of preliminary ethnographic research and have begun to write my thesis. While conceptualizing my ideas, I am struggling to include the numerous social topics that arise while conducting my work. Although my […]

My Experience as a 2012 AAA Leadership Fellow

AD Editor’s Note/AD Reminders: This is one in a series of articles in the AD Section News Column highlighting opportunities for archaeologists in the AAA. The column in the previous issue of AN (July/August 2015) offers an account of what it is like to have your SAA paper session sponsored by the Archaeology Division. The deadline […]

Highlights from the 2015 SLACA Spring Conference in Oaxaca, Mexico

The Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology celebrated its biennial conference this spring in the beautiful city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Under the rubrics of the theme, “Recent Developments in Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology: Debates, Theories and Methods,” the conference hosted nearly 50 presentations from its member community. A combination of oral and poster presentations […]

Gender, Education and the Drive for Well-Being in Belize

I was flooded with memories last January as I stepped into the rural high school on Ambergris Caye, Belize. Nearly two decades earlier, I had begun dissertation research here regarding the health and well-being of the first mass high school-educated cohort of young women in the tourism-centric region. On my first day of fieldwork, the […]

Hope Versus Critical Awareness?

Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” and the Politics of Climate Change in the Classroom We live in a world of environmental uncertainty where climate change, water shortages, deforestation, degradation, dispossession and pollution threaten not only the present, but also our collective future. As anthropologists concerned with human-environment relationships, how do we discuss, teach and confront […]

Teaching Anthropology in Border Town Classrooms in the American Southwest

Teaching at a tribal college on the Navajo Nation and in the “border towns” of Flagstaff, AZ and Albuquerque, NM, I have struggled as an non-Native educator to create a safe space for all students in my classroom when addressing fraught issues relating to the politics of belonging, social citizenship and civic estrangement within Native nations. […]

Two Anthropologists Look beyond Diplomacy for a Peace Framework in South Sudan

Sharon E Hutchinson (U Wisconsin–Madison) and Naomi R Pendle (London School of Economics and Political Science) have just published “Violence, legitimacy, and prophecy: Nuer struggles with uncertainty in South Sudan” in American Ethnologist. Their article is particularly timely because July 2015 marks the fourth anniversary of independence for South Sudan, which is the world’s newest […]

Ukraine’s Long Road to “Decommunization”

On May 15, 2015, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed into law four pieces of legislation referred to collectively as “Decommunization Laws.” The adoption of these laws comes more than a year after mass mobilizations that took place across the country, often known as EuroMaidan. A complex moment of enormous significance in Ukraine’s history, these mobilisations defined a […]

At the Margins of Celebrity Culture

Criminalizing the Latina/o Paparazzi of Los Angeles With all of the focus today on the treatment of Latinas/os as “illegal” under US immigration law, it is easy to overlook the ways that Latinas/os in the US can also face forms of illegalization through labor that they perform. One example, whose work is widely familiar but […]

Interested in Becoming an Anthropology News Opinion Columnist?

Anthropology News is seeking opinion columnists for starting in January 2016. These volunteer writers are an integral part of shaping the conversation in AN by developing columns that relate to anthropology in its myriad forms. Each columnist will craft an overarching theme for her or his column based on individual expertise and experience, and […]