Right-Wing Politics in Brazil

Iconization and Accusations of Corruption In late 2016, I noticed a peculiar convergence between Brazilian and US politics. In both countries, the political right spurred mass mobilization against a ruling center-left party through the demonization of leading women as corrupt. While neither Senator Hillary Clinton (US) nor President Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) were indicted on criminal […]

A Mother’s Other Job

Editor’s Note: This is the second piece in a series called “Putting Anthropology to Work” contributed by students of Margaret Buckner at Missouri State University. The people who benefit from the services Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in Greene County, MO provides are typically single mothers who receive little to no child support. These […]

The Power of Japanese Sports 

I first started thinking deeply about the power of sports when I lived in a small town in rural Japan called Mima, in the early 2000s. At the time, I had little Japanese language ability, few friends, and an unremarkable social life. I was a 22-year-old English teacher fresh out of college, and this town […]

Retiring Your Library (Part Two)

Landfill or Foreign Donation? Click here to read part one and a series of options to consider when looking to dispose of a book collection. Sending a library to an institution abroad is probably the most arduous of the options available for disposing of one’s collection, a process involving several steps: Select the books. I […]

Retiring Your Library (Part One)

Landfill or Foreign Donation? More than five decades have passed since I entered graduate school at Cornell University to pursue a doctorate in anthropology. During my long career as an academic and applied anthropologist, I accumulated thousands of books, and as a member of many sections of the American Anthropological Association and other professional societies, […]

The Anthropology of Policy Emerges

The Association for the Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) promotes the anthropological study of policy, including makings, workings, contexts, agents, and effects. ASAP seeks to advance the contributions of the anthropology of policy to theory and method in anthropology, as well as to research and action in public policy. Anthropologists of policy engage actors and institutions […]

Movement and Power in Archaeology

Archaeology might seem to study static objects and past contexts, however recent recipients of Archaeology Division (AD) awards explore the relationship of movement and power, an underappreciated anthropological issue. A mission of the AD is to show how archaeological research and interpretations provide unique and important perspectives for anthropologists, other scholars, and the general public. […]

Inside the Annual Meeting Scheduling Process

The anticipation is building as our 2017 Annual Meeting approaches. The theme, Anthropology Matters! generated an exciting, dynamic, and at times wonderfully radical array of session submissions that that promise an engaging and memorable conference for all those attending in Washington, DC. The initial scheduling for the 5700 submissions is now well underway, however, as […]

SEAA Highlights from Cyberspace to Asia

The Society for East Asian Anthropology (SEAA) promotes discussion and shares information on diverse topics related to the anthropology of East Asia broadly conceived. We are committed to developing international channels of communication among anthropologists throughout the world who share an interest in East Asia both as a topic of academic inquiry and as a […]