What Do Ghosts (and Ghost Hunters) Want?

Ghost hunting can be about sensational connections with spirits. It can also be a form of care and consolation, and not only for the ghosts. It was a beautiful, starlit, summer night in central Pennsylvania, and we were looking for traces of the paranormal in abandoned, 19th century iron mines. My undergraduate research assistant Jessica […]

Notions from the Epidemic

My first encounter with the issue of HIV in China started about 15 years ago when I applied for a long-term student visa to the country. I was asked by the Chinese Embassy to take an HIV blood test at a medical laboratory and include the result for my visa application. Test results needed to be […]

Why Vote?

Elections in India are a loud, rambunctious, great equalizer in public life. Elections in India are the world’s biggest festival and Indians clearly like to vote. Evidence shows that turnouts are often above 80% and higher the more local the election. Indians seem also keener to vote than ever before. Figures show a steady rise […]

Beyond the Fez

Masculinities of Art, Design, and Fashion in the MENA region They are inspirational, not because their haute couture designs hit the Oscars red carpet or define fashion styles for Arab and European royalty, but because they become the protagonists of color, creativity and art in the world of fashion. From donning eccentric outfits to pioneering […]

The Pleasure and Pain of Electioneering in the UK

Canvassing for elections is an addictive mix of gossip, ideas, theatre and competition. Elections are a ritual process for creating political representatives and encouraging citizens to accept them even when they voted for the other side. They are “dramas of identity and difference” where you vote for someone who is seen at once to embody […]

Thomas D. Blakely, Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

The Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA)’s Lifetime Achievement Award for 2015 was awarded to Thomas Dustin Blakely. He received his PhD from Northwestern University in 1981 and was a founding member of the SVA, serving as its President and its representative on the American Anthropological Association Executive Board in 1986 and 1987. He has done […]

Multimodal Ethnography and the Possibilities for Engaged Anthropology

In our scholarship, we strive to strike a balance between anthropological theory-building and social engagement. To do so we use digital technology – inexpensive cameras and social media platforms – in our respective ethnographic projects. Our turn to the digital began during graduate school when we, along with faculty and fellow graduate students, imagined and […]

The Editors’ Note: Anthropology in an Election Year

Anthropology in an Election Year Volume 4 Number 3 October 2016 To the list of reasons why the 2016 presidential contest in the United States has been especially notable and newsworthy, we might add the number of superlatives surrounding it. Headlines refer to the two leading contenders—Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump—as the “least […]

Sandra Lynn Morgen

Sandra Lynn Morgen died on September 27, 2016 of ovarian cancer. She was born on March 31, 1950 to Dr. Robert O. Morgen and Sadye Block Morgen in Cleveland, Ohio, and spent the most of her childhood in Montreal, Canada and Houston, Texas. Sandi Morgen inhabited her life passionately, and—during her life with cancer—with exquisite […]

The Fragility of Sanctuary Cities

Philadelphia maintained one of the most progressive policies regarding the rights and protections of undocumented migrants. That ended when, with a stroke of his pen, Mayor Nutter reversed the city’s policy of non-collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the final weeks of his second term in office. Activists protested the Mayor’s move as […]