Edited Out of History

How the Absence of Black and Brown Children from the Historical Record Could be Hazardous to Your Health When Lewis Hine took a job as the photographer for the National Child Labor Committee’s (NCLC) campaign to end child labor in 1908, he wanted to change the hearts and minds of Americans by showing the exploitive […]

The Future of Anthropological Local Practitioner Organizations

More anthropologists today opt out of academia, as academic jobs become scarce and criticisms of the ivory tower deepen. Some of these applied anthropologists may feel isolated or struggle to achieve success in their workplace. In such cases, Local Practitioner Organizations (LPOs) can bring together professionals to foster community and provide guidance. LPOs typically provide […]

Why Are People on the Move?

At the 2016 Folklife Festival AAA asks what objects you would take with you if you suddenly had to move and how you would cope with new surroundings.   What would you take with you if you suddenly had to move? A photo? Cell phone? Passport? #TakeItOTM   When moving, how do you cope with […]

Learning to Walk Behind Bars

The Treatment of Accompanied Children in Detention Over the past 30 years, immigration detention in the United States has expanded significantly.  In 1994, there were less than 7,000 individuals detained every day in immigration detention facilities, by 2012, over 34,000 persons were detained on a daily basis. These detention facilities range from spaces at county […]

Why We Need to Stop Talking about Trans People in the Bathroom

In a May 18, 2016 Time magazine article titled “What Science Says About the Bathroom Debate,”  journalist and Time magazine editor-at-large Jeffrey Kluger attempts to address why so many Americans are suddenly concerned about trans people in the bathroom. Importantly, Kluger approaches the issue not from a social or political basis, but from one he identifies as […]

Garbage, Waste-Products, and Value in Kunming

Since 2009, news outlets across China have repeated the mantra that “two-thirds of China’s cities face besiegement by garbage”—constituting a national crisis. Included is Kunming, the burgeoning capital of Yunnan Province. Yet, in addition to its propensity to “besiege”, proliferating waste matter has also generated economic opportunities for approximately 24 thousand rural migrants who make their living […]

Recently Published Books by AFA Members

The Association for Feminist Anthropology is pleased to share information about some recently published books by and of interest to feminist anthropologists.   Beske, Melissa. April 2016. Intimate Partner Violence and Advocate Response: Redefining Love in Western Belize. Lexington Books. Intimate Partner Violence and Advocate Response: Redefining Love in Western Belize offers new insight into the […]

In Celebration of Womanhood

May 16th has officially been declared ‘Kuwaiti Women’s Day’ in Kuwait and this year marked its very first celebration. The day is commemorative of two important events that gave women voice in the country.  On May 16th 2005, women in Kuwait won the right to vote and run for office. Exactly four years later on May […]

Call for Proposals: Research Methods

What Research Methods Are You Using This Summer? This summer, Anthropology News would like to hear about the creative or innovative methods that you are using in your field research. Whether your research takes you to a biological anthropology lab or across the world, focuses on an NGO or a private kitchen, explores digital technologies […]

Call for Proposals: Mass Shootings

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Mass Shootings What can anthropology offer to public conversations about and understandings of mass shootings? In the wake of the attack in Orlando, AN is seeking submissions that approach this topic from a wide range of anthropological angles and global locales. Think gun cultures, homophobia and Islamophobia, Islamic extremism and other forms […]