Turning to Trump  

Notes on health care, Trump rhetoric, and feeling neglected in rural Pennsylvania. “Santa was here!” my four-year-old son gleefully shouts as he wakes me by pulling off my blanket. It is our last day of fieldwork at the Petersen’s and indeed, it seems as if Santa Claus has come early this year. Jenny, our host, […]

UKIP after the Referendum

A populist movement struggles to find its purpose as Britain heads for Brexit. Late in the evening on June 23, 2016, I stood in the middle of a sports center gymnasium not far from the heart of Sheffield, England. The gym had been transformed that night to serve as the city’s counting station for the […]

Whose Populism? Which Democracy?

“Populism” conflates widely disparate political projects under one conceptual category. The term demands closer anthropological analysis. [pquote]The assumption that the popular classes are an ignorant, easily manipulated mass is not confined to the political establishment or the liberal corporate media. It is an assumption that many (otherwise) neutral academics may make as well.[/pquote]“The new enemy.” […]

When White Nationalism Became Popular

What rising white nationalism says about race in the 21st century US. On November 12th, 2016 TheDailyStormer.com, a neo-Nazi website with a monthly viewership of over two million lead with the headline, “The Swastika Reigns in Germany! Trump reigns in America!” After the election a popular thread on the white nationalist website Stormfront.org, with over […]

Obama, Trump, and the End of Meritocracy

Dipping into David J. Garrow’s massive tome, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, I was not struck by the fact that Obama was calculating or willing to sacrifice anything, including romantic relationships, at the altar of personal ambition—Rick Perlstein’s quasi-biography of Reagan, The invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan, told […]

Building Rapport during Applied Research Recruitment

Recruitment is a seminal interaction. It is often a researcher’s first opportunity to engage a potential study participant. Effective recruitment strategies are critical to the success of a project: failure to recruit the necessary sample size costs project time and delays deliverables. As applied anthropologists conducting health services research (HSR) at the US Department of Veterans […]

New AAA Staff

Tonieh Hansford joined the AAA in March 2017 as the membership coordinator. She works with the member services team to develop marketing materials and campaigns to support the promotion of membership and coordinate member retention activities. Tonieh also assists with data processing for membership applications and helps to ensure the integrity of data in the […]

AAA on The Hill for Humanities

AAA helped the National Humanities Alliance (NHA) storm Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on March 14 to promote the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and build relationships between the local humanities community and Congress. Communications director Jeff Martin, a graduate from Arizona State University, was part of the contingent that visited the offices of […]

Relevance, Found in Translation

From agricultural exports to Zika, the need to foreground peoples’ lived experiences in the policy equation is more acute than ever. Swimming against a stiffening current, we have much distance to cover to make sure our work, undertaken for whatever purposes, can be adapted to enrich the substance and context of urgent public policy discussions. […]