Call for Anthropology and Humanism Managing Editor

The Executive Board of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology (SHA) is now inviting applications for managing editor of its peer-reviewed journal, Anthropology and Humanism (AH). AH welcomes a broad spectrum of contributions from those who see the relevance of humanism for getting to the heart of anthropology, accepting both traditional research article and creative writing […]

Botswana Democracy

Ignored by the Global Media Botswana is the oldest, fully functioning democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. You would never guess it, however, by the way in which the country is ignored by the western—and global—media. Bad news travels far and fast in Africa—the Ebola epidemic, kidnappings, civil wars, massacres, dictatorships and rigged elections all make headline […]

APLA Salon at AAA Meetings

Producing Political and Legal Knowledge through Cross-Disciplinary Engagements APLA hosted its inaugural salon, Producing Political and Legal Knowledge through Cross-Disciplinary Engagements, on December 3, 2014 during the AAA annual meetings in Washington, DC. The event was held at the community-based café and event space, Busboys & Poets, in the heart of the city. AAA members, […]

Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible

The Politics of Aesthetics and Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Movement” “Be realistic, Demand the Impossible!” is a text attached to a bike during Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Movement” (September to November 2014). BBC News comments: “It’s getting hard to tell what is art and what isn’t. Is this a mode of transport with a slogan attached, or […]

Silent Meditation

Speech, Power and Social Justice The AAA Committee for Human Rights Task Group/Society for Linguistic Anthropology Committee on Language & Social Justice is committed to collaborating with one another to provide a unique, linguistic anthropological perspective on relevant issues of the day. We believe that a merging of voices allows for greater depth of reflection, […]

Association for Feminist Anthropology 2014 Prize Winners

We are happy to announce this year’s prize winners.  Below are their information and short abstracts about their exciting work. 2014 Sylvia Forman Prize for Student Papers Graduate recipient:  Jessica Mason, PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin-Madison, for the paper “A Question of Belonging: Conspicuous Erasure and the Politics of Queer Visibility in Russia.” Advisor: Maria […]

LEEDS Special Book Prize to Randol Contraras’ The Stickup Kids

The Leeds Prize Committee and SUNTA Board is pleased to award the special book prize this year to Randol Contraras’ The Stickup Kids. The committee offers the board the following citation to document the appropriateness of awarding this prize. “Randol Contreras’ ethnography The Stickup Kids sets the tragically brutal lifecourse of his best friends from the south […]

“We Can’t Be What We Can’t See”

The students were excited. I’m sure their delight may have started with the prospect of getting out of class for a while, but as I stood in front of them with hands full of artifacts, skulls, and tools, I realized that this was beyond some time outside away from incessant test prep and standard text […]

Anthropology and Humanitarian Aid

The international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders/Medécins Sans Frontières (MSF) is known for its medical work in conflict zones, epidemics and natural disasters. MSF is recognized globally for the work of its doctors, nurses and logisticians, and as I discovered several years ago, they have a growing pool of anthropologists working in their programs. […]

Changes Coming to the Annals of Anthropological Practice

A number of important transitions and changes related to NAPA’s Annals of Anthropological Practice (AAP), formerly known as the NAPA Bulletin series, are underway as we move ahead in 2015. And NAPA is currently accepting manuscripts for the next AAP volume (see below). Editorial After many years of remarkable service as editors, David Himmelgreen and […]