How to Design a Great Poster

Think Visually First Posters are the perfect invitation to a conversation about your research. Since posters are inherently visual, the key to a strong poster is simplicity—their immediate function is to pique the curiosity of passers-by. Once you have landed an audience, it’s up to you to bring your work to life, to share your […]

Getting Proximate on Israel-Palestine

This month through next, AAA members are voting on a resolution to boycott Israeli Academic Institutions. This is a huge decision and thus it is essential that every AAA member vote in the election that extends from April 15 to May 31. At this very moment—the time of the spring election—the membership’s collective voice on […]

Is Humans of New York’s Refugee Series Public Anthropology?

In his recent open letter to Donald Trump, Brandon Stanton, the self-described journalist and photographer-blogger-author of Humans of New York (HONY), confesses that he tries his “hardest not to be political . . . but that opposing you is no longer a political decision. It is a moral one” (@humansofny, March 14, 2016). Of course, […]

Entre Compañeras/os

Reflections on ALLA’s Mentoring Initiative “As faculty the mentoring program gave me the opportunity to connect with students and other colegas through familial bonds weaved as we share our stories of isolation, resilience, and sobrevivencia in the academy.” —Mariela Nuñez-Janes Mentorship plays a critical role in my academic and professional development. As a first generation […]

Shadows and Illuminations: A Multi-Touch Film Guide

In Shadows and Illuminations: A Multi-Touch Film Guide, anthropologist and documentary filmmaker Robert Lemelson and culture, arts and disabilities studies scholar Annie Tucker culminate decades-long clinical ethnographic research in Indonesia to provide an innovative landmark educational centerpiece—a multimedia eBook study guide and documentary film now available on iTunes. The film and guide are aimed at intro-level undergraduate students […]

The Tip of an Archaeological Iceberg

Archaeologists have become increasingly skilled at using modern technology to discover, survey, and analyze previously unknown archaeological sites.  This article describes the manner in which magnetometry and ground penetrating radar have enabled scientists to make unprecedented advances in our knowledge about the Neolithic ruins surrounding the iconic circle of bluestone columns known as Stonehenge. Stonehenge, […]

A Tale of Two Syrias

The human misery and destruction created by regime forces bombarding Syrian cities and towns has reinforced the unique status of Damascus. The capital city has remained an eerie oasis of calm, insusceptible to the carnage beyond its borders. In addition, the daily life of its residents continues despite the occasional mortar fire and suicide bombing. […]

Plantworlds in West Papua

Rejecting human exceptionalism and exploring the subjective lifeworlds and particular agencies of non-human species with whom human existence is intertwined, the multispecies turn challenges us with the possibility of biocultural hope in the blasted landscapes of the Anthropocene (Kirksey et al. 2013). Relinquishing fatalistic thinking, multispecies ethnographers invite us to look around—rather than look ahead—at […]

Scholars Day at Brookdale

As a way to showcase the good work the people at our college do, several years ago our then Executive Vice President for Educational Services, Dianna Phillips, initiated a Scholars Day program to be held during one of our required on-campus faculty days. With Scholars Day, Phillips created an event where all full-time college employees, […]

Abortion and Human Rights in Mexico

Feminist Approaches within and Around the Law At a recent Mexico City training session in her organization’s model of abortion accompaniment (the provision of emotional and logistical support for abortion either in-person or via phone), Veronica Cruz, founding-director of the Mexican reproductive rights NGO Las Libres (“the free ones”), stated unequivocally “abortion is the most […]