Society for Cultural Anthropology News

Peter Redfield is our New SCA President In the spring the board elected Peter Redfield to take over from Bob Foster as president of the society, effective this November. Given how short president’s terms are, we also decided to create a new position of president elect to help with governance continuity. We will fill this […]

Deterritorializing Chinatown in Digital Tokyo

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the series Digital Anthropologies in East Asia. [pquote]The growth in digital forms of sociality and their intersection with new mobilities has ensured that many Chinese community-forming practices in Tokyo have taken on less territory oriented dynamics.[/pquote]In 2008 a small group of Chinese business owners gathered together to propose the […]

The Hidden Costs Of Mass Deportation

[pquote]Because concern for the human rights or well-being of immigrants does not seem to compel many “Americans” to question mass deportation, we want to present a clear argument against it by explaining the costs and dangers it poses to society.[/pquote]Fear of mass deportation is rising in immigration communities, and with good reason. Donald Trump is […]

Humanitarian Pedagogies of Transit

[pquote]One of the most basic educational challenges in refugee settings is that of school dropouts.[/pquote]Despite the traditionally temporary character of their interventions, humanitarian agencies providing ad hoc services in crisis-affected areas are increasingly viewing education as a necessity. As such, education has been progressively integrated into the standard humanitarian toolkit. Delivering formal education in crises, […]

The Disastrous End for DACA Students and Workers

Early morning on September 5, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order, issued to protect over 800,000 undocumented persons who arrived to the United States as minors from deportation and provide them with temporary work-permits. Sessions claimed that DACA had been “an unconstitutional exercise […]


An Open Access Introductory Anthropology Textbook This guest post by Nina Brown, Thomas McIlwraith, and Laura Tubelle de González announces the launch of what is probably the first open access textbook for an introduction to cultural anthropology course. [pquote]In breaking away from the typical commercial textbook publishing model, SACC assumed responsibility for coordinating many publishing […]

The Fermentological Turn—Multi-Yeasties Ethnography

See what C&A has brewing at the AAA meeting this year I put the pen to the paper and I went off I’m dropping knowledge and wisdom like a mad head dog Step into the function ’cause I’m representing Lyrics on the brain and they sit fermenting   –B(y)eastie Boys, ‘Dope Little Song’ Forget Latour. […]

Agents of Humor?

Students in Russia and Ukraine address global politics through local comedy Kostya, brow wrinkling, ended his call and told the team of rehearsing students, “Vova said he heard something about it, but nothing is for certain.” Newspapers had reported that Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko planned to ban vKontakte (Russian: “in contact”), Ukraine’s most popular social […]

Springfield Community Gardens

Editor’s Note: This is the sixth piece in a series called “Putting Anthropology to Work” contributed by students of Margaret Buckner at Missouri State University. I conducted my ethnographic research project with Springfield Community Gardens, a local nonprofit that provides for community gardens in the Springfield, Missouri area. The organization began with one garden in 2010 […]

In the Loop and Off the Record

Power and the Washington Establishment Graduate Student Paper Prize Winner These days the “Washington Establishment” has become shorthand for an out-of-touch political elite, whose ineptitude, privilege, and corruption we digest through the 24-hour news cycle and binge-worthy dramas like “House of Cards” and “Scandal.” Apart from these popularized characterizations, however, what do we actually know […]