2014 was an interesting year for the concept of culture. Merriam-Webster declared ‘culture’ the most important word of the year, in that more people looked up its definition online than any other. Then the Edge posed the question: “What scientific idea is ready for retirement?” No less luminaries than Pascal Boyer and John Tooby responded: […]

Paths Not Taken

Ethnographic Terminalia and Career Choices There is something about the AAA meetings that lends itself to reflection, which also seems fitting as we kick off a new year. It could be the timing. Typically held in the run-up to Thanksgiving, this year AAA was held between the major holidays, and there was a sense that […]

Ferguson and the Decline in Anthropology

Editor’s Note: Peter Wood’s essay generated questions about how and why AN came to re-post it. Dr. Wood is a longstanding member whose essay is highly critical of the discipline of anthropology, of AN, and AN’s decision to publish four articles on Ferguson, racism, and extrajudicial killing; we chose to share that critique. Our use […]

Undergraduate Tips and Tricks

The undergraduate level of academics in anthropology consist of heavy doses of reading, analyzing, and learning to write strong, valid, analytic, and objective pieces. The amount of reading that is to be accomplished during the course of your undergraduate career may often feel overwhelming. As my undergraduate journey comes to a close, I want to […]

Towards Emancipatory Education Across Nations

In dialogue with Pablo Imen, member of the Latin American Educational Emancipatory Network The Cooperative Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, took an initiative a few years ago: networking to construct a common agenda around emancipatory educational practices. Building upon the work of several different educational groups composed by principals, teachers, and other educational workers, this […]

Remixing 20th Century Media

The Ethnographic Terminalia curatorial collective explored the concept of crossing disciplines with an exhibition of anthropological research and contemporary art practices pertaining to archives. The week-long exhibition, Bureau of Memories: Archive & Ephemera , was held jointly with the 113th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) at Hierarchy DC, an active gallery and event […]

Anthropology on the Long Tail

Small Big Data? Of the many hyperbolic predictions in bestselling books devoted to big data, none is more astounding than Mayer-Schönberger’s and Cukier’s claims that big data will eliminate the need for sampling (why sample when you’ve got all the data?). But here’s the thing. We don’t have all of the data. Let’s look at […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hard to believe it but we have come to our twelfth and final contribution in this yearlong series aimed at helping undergraduate anthropology majors better situate themselves for future success within the discipline.  Over the past year we have strived to delineate some practical measures that students can utilize to expedite their advancement along this […]

Holes in the Gender Gap

The Global Gender Gap Report 2014 is out.  A total of 142 countries are listed according to what the World Economic Forum defines as gender equality and inequality in health, education, economy and politics.  If you are from Iceland, there is good news beyond the long arctic cold.  You are number one, followed in succession […]

Food for all in Latin America

Access to food is critical in several Latin American countries.What have been the self-organized responses to accessing food for all in Latin America? How have some of the governmental administrations responded to these issues? Over the past twenty years, peasants and rural families organized as worldwide coalitions or movements such as Vía Campesina. Other coalitions, […]