Art and the Carabinieri

The Corps of the Royal Carabinieri was established in 1814 by the King of Sardinia to provide both national defense and local policing. The Carabinieri continues to serve its dual function in modern Italy. As a military force, the Carabinieri is responsible for protecting people, institutions, and resources in the event of national disasters; conducting […]

Reading Masculinities through the “Cat Man of Aleppo”

In recent years, the study of men and masculinities has become an important part of women’s and gender studies, and scholars from a multitude of disciplines have made the topic a central theme in their research. Indeed, the lived experiences of men are so diverse that studies of manhood do have much to offer to […]

The Creepiest Clown

While presidential politics dominated newspaper headlines this summer and fall, back pages carried news of a mystifying side show: encounters—or rumors of encounters—with “creepy clowns.” In August, children in Greenville, South Carolina, reported “creepy clowns” trying to lure children into the woods to a lair in an abandoned house by a lake (fears perhaps inspired […]

Archaeology in Times of Trump

Archaeologists Against Trump is the name of a Facebook group. It can also be applied to the writings and actions by a large number of archaeologists concerned with the impact of President-elect Trump on archaeology. Reaction by archaeologists has intensified since the election, but there were expressions of concerns prior to that. A 2015 New […]

Standing at the Edge of Cultural Relativism

It has been a while since I have spent a semester in a classroom full of undergrads grappling with the introduction of anthropology’s key tenets, but have not forgotten those early conversations about cultural relativism. Inevitably the discussion always came around to, “but what about the Nazis?” as the embodiment of the question: where is […]

A Sign of Change

Algorithmic Litigation Financing is a litigation finance company that uses algorithmic analysis to determine the likelihood of a lawsuit’s successful outcome for the plaintiff, allowing investors to fund the suit. There are times when a plaintiff  doesn’t have the financial resources to maintain a lengthy and expensive lawsuit against a large corporation. In these […]

Notions from the Epidemic

My first encounter with the issue of HIV in China started about 15 years ago when I applied for a long-term student visa to the country. I was asked by the Chinese Embassy to take an HIV blood test at a medical laboratory and include the result for my visa application. Test results needed to be […]

Beyond the Fez

Masculinities of Art, Design, and Fashion in the MENA region They are inspirational, not because their haute couture designs hit the Oscars red carpet or define fashion styles for Arab and European royalty, but because they become the protagonists of color, creativity and art in the world of fashion. From donning eccentric outfits to pioneering […]

Indigenous, Extreme and Wild Archaeology

Wild Archaeology is a series aired every week on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). Once aired, the episodes are available for viewing online. The series features Dr. Rudy Reimer/Yumks, an indigenous archaeologist and assistant professor with a cross appointment in archaeology and First Nation studies at Simon Fraser University. He graciously agreed to be interviewed […]

A Toll of Two Cities

Unless you are a specialist on the Middle East, the chances are you have never heard of Aleppo and Sanaa, two of the oldest cities in the region with continual habitation. Aleppo has existed for at least 7,000 years and Sanaa is known as the legendary city where Shem (Sam in Arabic) settled after the […]