Fieldwork Then and Now

From Graduate Student to Professor I just returned from two fieldwork trips, one to India for six weeks and the other to Brazil for four weeks. The purpose of the India trip was to scout new sites for my ongoing work on women’s mental health. The second trip was to continue my NSF-funded research project on food […]

Food for Thought

Tracing Gender and Sensuality in Middle Eastern Cuisine Regardless of whether you have a sweet-tooth or not, it never hurts to splurge on sweets especially if you are travelling in the Middle East and North Africa region. With its history-laden, one-of-a-kind food culture, the region is a trendsetter in healthy and nutritious eating practices in […]

The Trump at the End of the World

This past summer, I received the sort of proposal that is the joy of our profession: an invitation to hold the Evan Williams Fellowship at the University of Otago in New Zealand. It is a short-term but prestigious position that requires delivering a public lecture for the community. When I accepted, I had a general […]

Clothed-Minded Views on Burqinis

In late August, a Muslim woman on a beach in Nice, France was forced to remove her top and was allegedly fined for wearing a burqini, a modest full-body swimsuit that has been banned in Nice and several French towns. The photo of the incident went viral, furthering the divisive debate in Europe about clothing that […]

A Piece of Living Culture?

The Tale of the Pharaoh Hound Dogs have been important to the people of, what is now, Egypt for thousands of years.  Bones of domesticated dogs have been dated to earlier than 5000 BC and representations of dogs began to appear in artwork before 4000 BC.  Beautifully rendered palettes featuring dogs with collars date back […]

Disabled Lives

The Chinese Dream is the dream of our nation, our country, and of every single Chinese – and that includes all of our disabled friends.  This is the greeting Chinese President Xi Jinping sent to China’s disabled people as he met over 150 disabled peoples’ representatives at the Great Hall of People in Beijing two […]

A Firm Foundation for Empowerment

Summer Olympics, Women, and the MENA region This August, the Summer Olympics will be hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. The games of the 31st Olympiad will attract athletes from a wide range of sports, cutting across cultures and geographies. Women athletes from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will participate in […]

Professional Anthropologists Share Experiences at Annual Meeting

NAPA Careers Expo There are few opportunities for professional anthropologists to interact with students, recent graduates, new professionals, and faculty and have conversations about the range and complexity of careers in professional anthropology. Over the 10+ years of the Careers Expo, more than 400 professional anthropologists have participated and shared their career experiences and vision […]

Timbuktu Manuscripts: An Urgent Need for Digitization

Timbuktu is located on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, immediately north of the Niger River, in present day Mali.  The city’s position, at the crossroads of what were once major continental and intercontinental trading routes, made it a historically important center of commerce, religion, and scholarship. Commercially, Timbuktu was the hub of a […]

Recommendations for Summer Reading

There are a couple of recently published books that, while not focusing solely on archaeology in North America, are good reads for those with an interest in the subject: Lives in Ruins: Archaeologists and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble by Marilyn Johnson, and Bone Rooms: From Scientific Racism to Human Prehistory in Museums by Samuel […]