Pride and Mother-in-Law Relations

Pride Goes before the Fall—of the Discipline? As anthropologists, we pride ourselves on exposing injustices and fighting for what is right. So, why have we not better organized as individuals, the AAA, and anthropology departments to right the wrong of overproducing PhDs in a rapidly shrinking job market where exploited adjuncts do half the teaching? […]


Disillusioned PhC I’ve recently advanced to candidacy in my archaeology program. But I’ve been working full time since I finished my courses and the longer I’m out in the “real world,” the less interested I am in finishing and continuing in academia. The Ivory Tower has little value for me, especially given an increasingly shrinking […]

CFP=Call for Problems

Should I take another adjunct position? How do I get through this mound of exam marking? Graduate student healthcare in the era of Donald Trump—what do I need to know? I think my senior colleague is trying to blackball my tenure process. How do I find out? What is the appropriate amount of alcohol to consume […]