Ramadan TV

Every year during the month of Ramadan, dozens of new and exciting Arab TV serials are shown on the numerous satellite stations in the Arab speaking world.  They showcase the best and most innovative of Arab TV and bring back to the small screen favorite Arab actors. There were over twenty new series this year […]

Women in the Middle East Take a Stand

The 2016 edition of the Arab Human Development Report by the UNDP highlighted the challenges of reporting on young women in the region. The report’s authors encountered objections to their nuanced depiction of women in the region. Their examination of how young women, who were subject to prevailing norms, found ways to circumvent societal forces […]

Dream Factories in the Time of War

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, the Arab world held elections—anyone who had access to a cell phone and wanted to pay the extra fee to send an SMS could vote.  Arab Idol is one of the most watched programs for Arabic speakers around the world and anyone can vote. Over 100 million viewers watched the […]

The Wall and the Chicken

There is an ancient wall that surrounds the Old City of Damascus.  It remains largely intact which is a remarkable feat since it took its current shape from the Romans.  The Romans, master builders of the ancient world, constructed solid walls to defend cities and keep out the undesirables.  They also built them to last, […]