The Multivocal Power of Sports

After the summer’s hurricanes, fires, and North Korean nuclear provocations, the autumn return to football might have been exactly what we needed. But the current National Football League (NFL) season is showing that our nation’s politics are just as tumultuous as Mother Nature. This season’s controversy actually began last summer, when Colin Kaepernick of the […]

The Power of Japanese Sports 

I first started thinking deeply about the power of sports when I lived in a small town in rural Japan called Mima, in the early 2000s. At the time, I had little Japanese language ability, few friends, and an unremarkable social life. I was a 22-year-old English teacher fresh out of college, and this town […]

Dropping the Ball

The power of sports might be the greatest for a parent. Watching one’s child run, jump, or score is a true electric thrill. My son is nearly two years old, but when he puts the basketball in his two-foot bucket, the widest smile you can imagine overcomes me. [pquote]Judging LaVar for his “click-baity” comments alone […]

Kneeling Down is the New Standing Up

Colin Kaepernick and the power of athlete protest In our new age of viral videos, trending topics, and social media outrage, patriotism is now hotly contested in cyberspace—what it means to be a patriot and honor the flag, the anthem, or the nation’s president. Enter former San Francisco 49er and now free agent NFL quarterback […]

The Power of the NFL Draft

  The NFL Draft, which is being held in Philadelphia this year, is a dream come true for a few lucky young football players. Each lucky player makes a transformational rite of passage from youth to adulthood, gets his first job, and ultimately signs a lucrative employment contract. The Draft showcases their personal rite as […]

A New Method for NCAA “Madness”

  The upcoming men’s college basketball tournament, which is run by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, is all about the upsets: “underdog” colleges taking down perennial powerhouses. These upsets are so routine that the event has earned the moniker “March Madness.” The Madness, which brings countless hours of missed work and widespread Tournament […]