Trump Echoes Bush in Middle East Visit

President Introduces New Term into Counterterrorism Lexicon President Trump embarked on his first international trip since moving into the White House after a special counsel was appointed to investigate his campaign’s ties to Russia and concerns about obstruction of justice. Each day leading up to his departure brought a fusillade of damning reports about his […]

The Myth of the Apolitical Judge

The problem with the myth of the apolitical judge is that it is part of a discourse that relies on an incomplete set of language ideologies to legitimize conservative judicial philosophies. These language ideologies are incomplete because they promote certain aspects of meaning while obscuring others. Although not political in their own right, these language ideologies do important political work within the judicial confirmation process to “shape and constrain discourse” and position candidates like Gorsuch within the mainstream.

Playing Telephone with the Power of the Presidency

The Intertextual Authentication of Untruths Ordinarily, groundless conspiratorial accusations forwarded by political pundits do not receive serious recognition from the US Congress, let alone promises from the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to investigate those accusations. However, President Trump’s recently tweeted claim that “Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower” is a reminder […]

When the Discourse of Theater Trumps Truth

The unbalanced application of interpretive frames—viewing Trump primarily through the discourse of theater and Clinton primarily through the discourse of truth—may partially explain the staggering results of pre-election polls that ranked Trump higher than Clinton on honesty.

How Plausibly Deniable Is It?

We are accustomed to watching politicians play the language game of plausible deniability, but Donald Trump takes this game to a new level. As Kira Hall, Donna M. Goldstein, and Matthew Bruce Ingram propose, Trump’s gestural-rich “bodily displays, together with Trump’s easy deniability of what he intended by them, suggests that comedic gesture may accomplish […]