Evolutionary Anthropology Graduate Programs V

Northeastern Schools This is the last in our series highlighting US graduate programs in evolutionary anthropology (EA). All programs were asked to answer the following six questions. Abbreviated responses from Harvard, Rutgers, Binghamton, Yale, and Albany are included below. See here for full responses. What are areas of expertise in your department related to evolutionary […]

Tax Cuts and Higher Education

Tax cuts in the recent past have primarily benefited the richest sections of the American population, with more than a third of all Bush administration tax cuts benefiting the richest 1 percent, leaving barely 20 percent for the lowest earning 60 percent of the population. The rationale driving such tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the rich is that once the owners of capital have less of a tax burden, they can invest in the economy, thereby setting in motion dynamics that trickle benefits such as jobs and wages downward to the rest of the population.

Tales from and about the Field

Last summer, I launched the Olosho Ethnobotany project in Narok, Kenya. This community-based project works with local Maasai men and women to document medicinal plant usage.

Synergy across Generations

The Association of Senior Anthropologists reflects on the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting. The ASA program at last year’s AAA Annual Meeting stimulated old memories and addressed topics of ongoing interest and concern. In a panel that launched a full Thursday of stimulating events, senior anthropologists responded to questions about changes in the discipline. In the […]

What Students Want

In 2017, I ran for and was elected to student leader positions at the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) and AAA’s newly minted Members’ Programmatic, Advisory, and Advocacy Committee (MPAAC). Why did I do it? Because I am a student and a student member of AAA.

Flipping the Transition Script

The mediatized narrative of social struggles in the case of ITAS Prvomajska I came to know “ITAS Prvomajska,” a company in Northwestern Croatia that produces machine tools, through my contacts in the leftist activist scene in Zagreb. The story of this company is unique in Croatia: it is the only enterprise taken over by its […]

Archaeology Can Empower Community College Women

[pquote] I wonder how my experience as a student and burgeoning professional might have been different had I developed mentorships with great women in the profession.[/pquote]My students and I do some “myth busting” on the first class meeting of the semester. “How does pop culture portray archaeology?” I ask. Students are quick to identify classic […]

What Can We Do for DREAMers?

APLA Contributing Editor Lucy Carrillo Arciniega interviewed anthropologist Caitlin Fouratt, Assistant Professor of International Studies at the California State University Long Beach about her experiences in advocating for DREAMERS on campus.

Below is a short version of the interview redacted for word count.

AFA Prize Competitions

The Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA) is pleased to announce the following award and prize competitions, for everyone from undergraduate students to senior scholars. The association is especially thrilled to announce the inaugural competition for the section’s new Senior Book Prize. Application deadlines for the majority of this year’s prizes and awards are coming soon. […]

Rich Points and Deep Hanging Out

As Ruth Behar wrote, there is a kind of anthropology that “breaks our hearts” (Behar 1996). There is also the question of what to do with the remaining pieces. In sharing some auto-ethnographic reflections about the heart breakings and “rich points” (methodological challenges and unexpected gifts) of native anthropology projects, I hope these insights help other ethnographers to continue refining our critical ethnography tools, questioning and reflecting about the kinds of academic knowledge we wish to produce, and challenging us to consider the implications of research as labor and research as part of our wider life projects.