All That is Solid

On Body Weight and Ontological Violence When someone loses weight, where does the fat go? This question, the title of an article in the British Medical Journal, went viral at the start of this year. The researchers had posed it to family doctors, personal trainers, and dieticians. They found that most people thought fat was […]

Travels with Community College Students

This past summer was my fifth trip traveling to Hawai’i with a group of community college students. My institution calls these trips study away programs because, although we travel a greater distance than most other programs our college offers, we are still safely embedded in the United States. By remaining in the United States, students […]

Textile Society of America Symposium CFP

Crosscurrents: Land, Labor, and the Port Announcing the TSA 2016 Symposium focusing on national and transnational flows, eddys, riptides and crosscurrents….anthropologists looking at these issues with regard to textiles – broadly construed – are welcome! If you have questions, please contact Susan Falls (   15th Biennial Symposium Crosscurrents: Land, Labor, and the Port Savannah, […]

Creativity, Recognition, and Indigenous Heritage

New Resource for Rethinking Intellectual Property What happens when people decide to claim ownership over ritual dances? What is the effect of declaring such expressions as heritage? Who should control collective knowledge about potato seeds? When is musical borrowing perceived as honoring, and when is it seen as cultural theft? What is creativity? When and […]

SLA Panels and Events at the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting

The upcoming 2015 AAA Annual Meeting in Denver (November 18-21) features a wealth of linguistic anthropology panels and other important SLA events. Here they are below according to the Preliminary Program. Wednesday 11/18 from 2:00pm to 3:45pm, the following panels: Defamiliarizing Communication by Familiarizing the Channel: Linguistic Anthropology Meets Cybernetics and Actor-Network Theory Language, Labor and Political […]

Bridging the Divide Between Ethnic Studies and Anthropology

When I was hired as assistant professor and program head at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) in August 2014, I encountered a beleaguered, yet not quite defunct Mexican American Studies program. There were only two classes active in the course catalogue and two students majoring in the subject. I was told that the […]

A Preview of Middle East Section Programming at the 2015 Annual Meeting

As usual, the Middle East Section board received many interesting and diverse submissions for this year’s annual meeting. In particular, the MES is proud to be able to present two invited sessions that address issues of critical concern to our discipline and to anthropological studies of the Middle East in particular. The first of these […]

Archaeology at the AAA Annual Meeting in Denver

This summer the AAA announced that Alex Barker, archaeologist and museum curator, would be its next President-Elect/President. Historically, several archaeologists have held the position of AAA President, but in the moment it’s also a good reminder of just how many archaeologists volunteer their time in service for the AAA. Committees, sections, task forces, and interest groups […]

A New Year in Feminist Anthropology

This has been a quietly productive year for AFA. We inaugurated our new book prize, named in honor of feminist anthropologist Michelle Z Rosaldo. This will be a prize for a first book in feminist anthropology. Twelve books were submitted for the prize and the winner will be announced at the annual meeting in Denver. […]

Indian Mascots: Naturalized Racism and Anthropology

The month of September ushers in another season of professional football. Native Americans across the country will have to endure yet another year of public humiliation. The professional football team from Washington DC continues to use their racist moniker with impunity. How is it, in the Nation’s capital, such a public display of racist language […]