ABA at #AAA2015

Greetings ABA members!   We wanted to draw your attention to the exciting line-up of ABA sponsored events happening at the AAA 2015 “Familiar/Strange” Meetings, Nov. 18-22, 2015. We are certainly looking forward to the many opportunities available to support our members and to build community this fall. Also, as contributing-editors for the ABA newsletter, […]

EAS at the 2015 AAA Meetings

Following the departure of co-editors Siobhan Mattison and Adam Boyette, we (Katie Starkweather and Melanie Martin) will be picking up the reigns and serving as co-editors for the next few years. In today’s column, we will take a moment to briefly introduce ourselves, then highlight EAS events and other sessions of interest from the upcoming […]

Don’t Throw Out the Baby with Social Evolution

Revisiting “Tribe” in the Middle East and North Africa In college and graduate school, smarting from years of patronizing and homogenizing images of Arabs, I rejected the social evolutionary assumptions in so many of the texts I read. I also argued vehemently against the use of “tribe” in anthropology, a term that appeared to lump […]

The Anthropology and Environment Society at the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting

The Anthropology and Environment Society is pleased to be sponsoring or co-sponsoring 43 paper sessions, one poster session, and three roundtables at the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. We have also continued our annual dissertation writing workgroup. The theme for this year’s conference, held November 18-22, is Familiar/Strange. We encourage you to attend […]

Linguistic and Local Peripherality: The Case of Chalmatians in Greater New Orleans

In Greater New Orleans, there is an enregistered (Agha 2003) dialect of English that sounds similar to New York City English, making it stand out within the linguistic landscape of the American South. This dialect is associated with the white, working class residents of New Orleans, and is imbued with the sorts of low status, […]

Part I: SLACA welcomes Linda J. Seligmann, the new editor for the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (JLACA).

SLACA welcomes Linda J. Seligmann as the new editor for the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (JLACA). Dr. Seligmann succeeds the leadership of the journal by Dr. Andrew Canessa who served as JLACA editor since 2007. Dr. Seligmann is a specialist in the Andean region of Latin America with research interests in agrarian […]

CAE Invited Sessions at the 2015 AAA Conference in Denver

The Council of Anthropology and Education has selected three invited sessions for this year’s program. An invited session is one that is selected by the CAE Executive Committee among the many submissions because it has been highly ranked in the review process. These sessions also strongly present on an issue that is related to the […]

A Guide to Student Events & the Student Celebration Party at the 2015 AAA Annual Meetings

The elected officers of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) have been hard at work compiling a schedule of recommended events catered to student anthropologists who are attending the upcoming annual AAA meetings in Denver, Colorado. We have also compiled a student guide to Denver with information ranging from places to stay, restaurants to […]

SUNTA Program at AAA 2015

Program chair Jayne Howell reports that SUNTA is incredibly visible and active at the Denver meetings. The business meeting will be held on Friday afternoon, and we are co-sponsoring the fabulous ABA-AFA-ALLA-AQA-SANA-SAW-SLACA-SUNTA Joint Sections Reception on Friday night.  The latter features DJ and anthropologist K’Ture. We also have the “Sense of the City Network” meeting […]

Crafting Interactive Journalism

To understand the current social movements and protest culture in Japan, it is necessary to understand the role played by the mass and alternative media. In the wake of the 3.11 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters, a sense that the mass media had failed to accurately report on the nuclear contamination at Fukushima galvanized a group of individuals […]