2016 SPA Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Richard Shweder

Byron Good and I have known each other for fifty years. So there was something seamless, intimate, affectionate and even life-affirming about our SPA breakfast conversation in which we interviewed each other about our biographies, intellectual passions and perspectives on the future of psychological anthropology. And there was a noticeable complementarity in our academic careers […]

2017 SPA Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Byron Good

In accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from Carol Worthman, I said that receiving her note telling me about the Board’s decision ranked with the invitation to deliver the Morgan Lectures many years ago as one of the two most memorable moments of my career. Given those who have received this award in psychological anthropology, this […]

Bullying in Anthropology

Bullying has emerged as an issue to be addressed at all levels of society, including the American Anthropological Association. Its 2012 publication of Principles of Professional Responsibility include, for example,  (1) Do No Harm, and (7) Maintain Respectful and Ethical Professional Relationships. In mentoring students, interacting with colleagues, working with clients and collaborators, acting as a […]

Photographing African Migration to Sicily

Refugees of the neoliberal global economy, unaccompanied African minors are leaving for Europe in search of a brighter future. [pquote]This series of photographs—both bleak and hopeful—sheds light on the lived experiences of unaccompanied African youth finding refuge in Sicily amidst a global migratory crisis.[/pquote]In 2016, more than one million refugees crossed the Mediterranean from Africa […]

Scholarship, Service, Solidarity

Message from the MES president Trump’s presidency recalls past eras of US militarism and anti-Muslim bigotry, but also presents new political and scholarly crises and opportunities for people and scholars of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). MES scholars have been responding by forging new resources and connections. A scholarly collaborative of Su’ad Abdul […]

Digital Outsourcing and Japanese Call Center Workers in Dalian, China

Editors’ note: This is the fifth piece of the series “In and Out of Japan.” In 2003, the first Japanese-staffed call center opened in Dalian, a north-eastern city of six million people dubbed China’s “Green Silicon Valley.” Thousands of Japanese workers have served consumers across Sino-Japanese borders, alongside their bilingual Chinese colleagues. They are recruited […]

Indonesian University Prohibits LGBT Students From Registering

Recently, the Andalas University in Padang, West Sumatra uploaded a message on their website to exhort candidates who had passed the entrance examination to pay the fees, provide their bio data, and to register again. At the time of registration they must bring a form stating that they are not LGBT (bebas LGBT). Helpfully, that […]

A Protest Letter in Support of the Central European University

This open letter has been prepared by the directors of centers for East European, Russian, and Eurasian studies, among whom are anthropologists Susan Gal (University of Chicago) and Sarah D. Phillips (Indiana University). The AAA’s statement on the plight of Central European University can be found here. Dear European Parliament, European Commission and Government of […]

Producing a Crisis at the Border

In the summer of 2014, record numbers of Central American youth were detained by United States immigration authorities along the Southwestern border of the US. At the time, this apparent influx of unaccompanied, undocumented minors was positioned as a discrete event by the White House and other political actors. It was an acute but momentary […]

Embracing Confusion and Questioning Clarity

16th Annual Soyuz Symposium, Indiana University Bloomington, March 4-6, 2017 This year the annual conference of the Soyuz Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies focused on methodological challenges in the social sciences. Drawing on the legacy of research in socialist and postsocialist contexts, the participants of the Symposium discussed ways to contribute to contemporary debates […]