Time to “Study In”

On November 8, I was monitoring election results and live-chatting a group of friends about it on Facebook. We’d done the same during the debates, and many of us—diverse in our educations, occupations, and identities with respect to gender, sexuality and ethnicity spectrums—noted that our running commentary was what kept us sane while watching US […]

Call for Applications: 2017-2018 SPA/RLF Fellows

Application guidelines for the SPA/Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship are now available on the SPA website. The SPA/RLF Fellowships are designed to provide graduate students working in the field of psychological anthropology with funding to pursue exploratory research for planning their doctoral dissertation research and/or methods training to prepare for their doctoral dissertation research. Research projects […]

Call for Nominations for the 2017 MES Book Award

The Middle East Section is now accepting nominations for its biennial book award. This award is given to an anthropological work (single- or multi-authored, but not edited volumes) that speaks to issues in a way that holds relevance beyond our subfield. Criteria may include: innovative approaches, theoretical sophistication, and topical originality. Books submitted for the […]

Hello from the newest NAPA President

Greetings everyone! I am very honored to become the newest president of National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA). When I contemplate the list of the past presidents, I am humbled to be included with such leadership. I think it’s important for us to take a look back before we look forward to the […]

SACC goes to Minneapolis!

In mid-November I had the opportunity to attend the annual American Anthropological Association (AAA) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a multi-year attendee, it is an experience I look forward to attending each year. The conference is a particularly enjoyable learning experience that generates for me tremendous insights into both my discipline and my section of […]

Letter from the Incoming President

This new year will be a challenging and exciting one for me as I assume the responsibilities of ABA President.  I first became acquainted with the ABA as a graduate student attending the ABA International Conference in Panama.  There, I gave the second conference paper of my fledgling career, received supportive yet critical feedback from […]

SLA Business Meeting Report

SLA Business Meeting Saturday, November 19th, 2016 For the complete report, please see the slideshow linked below: sla-2016-report-slideshow President’s Report Report on SLA Interdisciplinary Public Engagement Award: Supported invited colloquium at AAAL by Jonathan Rosa, Netta Avineri, Susan Blum, Eric Johnson, Bernard Perley, Kathleen Riley, and Ana Celia Zentella: “Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, and Social […]

Photography In The House of Pakal

Between 2009 and 2014 I deployed a mix of ethnography, archaeology, and forensic science to examine the undocumented movement of people through the brutalizing Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  In 2015 I turned my attention towards those fleeing violence and poverty in the Golden Triangle of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and who must cross the […]

Left Behind by the World’s Wealthiest Military

Residents of Carroll County, Illinois feel like they’ve been left behind by federal government policies for a while, but not exactly in the way that popular narratives about Rustbelt communities might suggest. In this community, and hundreds of other communities like it across the country, the government itself—and more specifically, the Department of Defense—was the employer […]

“Purification From the Start”—Buddhist Recycling in Taiwan

On an August evening in the 1990s, Chengyen—a Buddhist nun who founded the Buddhist lay organization Tzuchi in 1966—was disturbed by the overwhelming amount of garbage in a night market on her way to give a speech. During this period, after the lift of martial law in Taiwan, Tzuchi was expanding rapidly and had become […]