NAPA and Practitioner Relevance in the Blogosphere

Where can anthropologists find work these days? What is the public perception of anthropology? And what does the future hold? If you are following NAPA’s three blogs, you should be well informed on all these questions.   AnthroJobs Let’s start with a question asked each year by hundreds or maybe thousands of newly minted anthropologists: “Great, […]

Empire of Sound

A foundational moment in the historiographical study of Islam in China was marked by a light scorn. “You cannot alter the text at will and still claim it is from the original,” the prominent historian Chen Yuan thus expressed his frustration with Hui Muslim scholars in 1928. “Each generation had its own way of transcription. […]

Apply for the Harold K. Schneider Student Prize

DEADLINE: June 1, 2017 The Harold K. Schneider Prize Competition is a student paper competition established by the Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) to honor its first president and to encourage new scholars in the field of economic anthropology. Harold Schneider, Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University, was known for both his path breaking research […]

2016 Student Travel Award Winners

Each year, CMA awards grants of $500 to students to support travel to present at the AAA annual meeting. This year’s Council for Museum Anthropology Board was pleased to offer travel award support to two students in the field who show creativity in their research approach, commitment to the field, and potential for broader impact in […]

“Gay for Pay” in an Economy of Harms

Reflections from an LGBTI rights NGO in Malawi On a chilly July morning, three young people mill about the lobby of Malawi’s LGBTI rights NGO, Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), located in the capital, Lilongwe. They wait to drop off forms documenting the number of men who have sex with men (MSM) that […]

Is an Academic Calendar Change a Good Idea?

Recently our college’s Vice President for Learning presented the Deans and Department Chairs with an idea he has for improving student retention. He wants us to move from a more traditional academic calendar of two 15-week semesters that run during the spring and fall to two-7.5 week terms in each of the current 15-week semesters. […]

Charles Goodwin’s Reflection upon Retirement

SLA Interview with Charles Goodwin What article or book that you wrote are you most pleased with?  Could you talk about the story behind writing it? While “Professional Vision” is perhaps the article that anthropologists know best, what pleases me most in my career is my work on the social life of aphasia. With that, […]

Translation in Archaeology

Chinese and Honduran archaeologists collaborate at Copan. How do anthropologists work in multi-language fieldwork environments? How do we navigate cultural differences and develop international collaborations with scholars from diverse backgrounds? At the center of these questions are the processes of linguistic and cultural translation. Anthropologists are keenly aware of the roles interpreters play during fieldwork […]

Teaching from a Place of Hope in Indigenous Education

The Council on Anthropology and Education’s Standing Committee on Indigenous Education has had a presence at the American Anthropology Association Annual Meeting over the past decade. The CAE Indigenous Education Standing Committee #7 is dedicated to the exploration of anthropology of education from an Indigenous perspective. Member activities focus on engaging in theoretical and methodological […]

Latin America’s Gender Ideology Explosion

What’s been called part of the “global war” to destroy marriage, “your latest right-wing conspiracy,” and the driving idea behind the “anti-LGBT backlash in Latin America,” but “doesn’t really exist”? Gender ideology. While it would be nice to report that the phrase is merely a malapropism, it is a very deliberate concept spawned by conservative […]