The National Anthropological Archives . . . and You

According to the late William Moss, former director of the Smithsonian Institution (SI) Archives, the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives (NAA) is “document for document the richest archival research resource in the Institution,” and that in comparison to other SI archival repositories the NAA “probably supports more significant research than any of the others” (NAA correspondence […]


An ethnographic study of senior housing in Springfield, Missouri Editor’s Note: This is the eighth piece in a series called “Putting Anthropology to Work” contributed by students of Margaret Buckner at Missouri State University. What started as a semester-long project inspired by a regional non-profit ended with three college seniors exploring what it meant to […]

Here’s the Rub on the Dove Skincare Ad

The latest rendition of “sorry, not sorry” is not just topping the Billboard charts. It is also a public relations anthem about “missing the mark.” This time, Dove skincare is being accused of “tone deafness.” The ad, appearing on Facebook, drew widespread critique. It features a loop of images of three women, each wearing a […]

Hopeless Online and Yingyeo Culture in South Korea

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the series Digital Anthropologies in East Asia. It was around the late 2000s and early 2010s that young people of South Korea started to talk about the quasi-mythical story of online Yingyeo humans. It is said, “In the online world, many Yingyeo humans can be found.” Yingyeo humans live […]

Society for Cultural Anthropology News

Peter Redfield is our New SCA President In the spring the board elected Peter Redfield to take over from Bob Foster as president of the society, effective this November. Given how short president’s terms are, we also decided to create a new position of president elect to help with governance continuity. We will fill this […]

Mentoring as Anthropological Praxis

C&A Re-Launches Notes from the Field The Culture & Agriculture (C&A) Section of the American Anthropological Society (AAA) has been hard at work revamping and growing its member offerings. September celebrates the re-launch of the monthly Notes From the Field column. There, members and other contributors share their fieldwork experiences and work out nascent theoretical […]

Reflections on an Ethnographic Film Festival

My friend and I slunk into the auditorium showing Kivalina because the line for a workshop held by a prominent filmmaker was tailing back into the café area and we didn’t have a hope in hell of getting in. But that’s the magic of serendipity. Turns out Kivalina was well worth the compromise as the film […]

Apply Within

Looking for Qualified Home Buyers for Habitat for Humanity Editor’s Note: This is the seventh piece in a series called “Putting Anthropology to Work” contributed by students of Margaret Buckner at Missouri State University.  The director of Habitat for Humanity in Springfield, Missouri asked students from the Ethnographic Field Methods class at Missouri State University to find […]

Municipal IDs as a Route to Public Safety and Well-Being for Immigrants

On a hot Wednesday evening in the bare bones community room of the Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, I gather with a small group of immigrant activists, community organizers, and their non-immigrant allies/accomplices as part of a campaign to establish a municipal ID program. I come to the campaign table as an applied anthropologist […]

Deterritorializing Chinatown in Digital Tokyo

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the series Digital Anthropologies in East Asia. [pquote]The growth in digital forms of sociality and their intersection with new mobilities has ensured that many Chinese community-forming practices in Tokyo have taken on less territory oriented dynamics.[/pquote]In 2008 a small group of Chinese business owners gathered together to propose the […]