Maps and Myths

Map and map-forms have typically received less attention in anthropology compared to other modes of visual media, as I discussed in my previous post. Yet, there is great scholarly and public interest in maps. A digital search for publications in English on maps and myths yields, amongst other items,  “Myths on Maps,” a digital project […]

Geographic Visualization in Anthropology

Ideas in this post are the first in a series on the relationships of archaeology, anthropology, and digital methods. To begin the discussion, I draw upon my recent publication, where I demonstrated that geospatial, digital, and Web-based tools and technologies are now central, albeit sometimes under-theorized, in archaeological research. This work sets the stage for […]

Movement and Power in Archaeology

Archaeology might seem to study static objects and past contexts, however recent recipients of Archaeology Division (AD) awards explore the relationship of movement and power, an underappreciated anthropological issue. A mission of the AD is to show how archaeological research and interpretations provide unique and important perspectives for anthropologists, other scholars, and the general public. […]