Africanist Anthropology Has a Lot to Offer

I knelt on the stiff prayer mat in silence. The keeper of this shrine in southern Togo had asked me to lead prayers and propitiations to the tron (spirits) that morning. I had never before been expected to make formal, public praise to the spirits. I felt unsure and self-conscious. “But I’m Catholic,” I said, lamely attempting to withdraw.

Tales from and about the Field

Last summer, I launched the Olosho Ethnobotany project in Narok, Kenya. This community-based project works with local Maasai men and women to document medicinal plant usage.

Skinner Book Award Winner and the 2018 AAA Annual Meeting

The 2017 Elliott P. Skinner Book Award recipient Yolanda Covington-Ward is the 2017 Elliott P. Skinner Book Award recipient for her book, Gesture and Power: Religion, Nationalism, and Everyday Performance in Congo, published by Duke University Press. Covington-Ward is an associate professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. In Gesture and Power, she […]

AfAA at the 2017 AAA Annual Meeting

The Board of the Association for Africanist Anthropology wishes you a happy new year and a good, productive 2018. We have a lot for which to be grateful, as well as much work ahead. This column summarizes how the AfAA closed out 2017 by honoring Africanist anthropologists at various stages in their careers. 2017 AfAA […]