Transformistas Masculinos

Transforming Masculinity in Cuba Cuba’s relationship with LGBT communities has historically been rocky, but in the last ten years, things have been on the turn. In large part, this is because of CENESEX, the sexual health and education organization run by Mariela Castro, President Raul’s daughter. She has strongly promoted LGBT rights in Cuba, including […]

On Queer Amnesia

The AQA exists as a dedicated home for queer anthropology within the larger discipline. Nonetheless, in these pages, on the AN website, and in their own work, AQA section members have critically situated recent work on gender, sexuality, and queerness in a broader political context. As leaders hawk authoritarian and xenophobic populism globally, broadening our […]

Pride in Resistance

In the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Pride marches and parades are taking place against a backdrop where taking to the streets has been resignified as a potent, urgent act of resistance. From the Women’s March to the rallies against the refugee ban to the March for Science, a range of social movements have reembraced […]

Indonesian University Prohibits LGBT Students From Registering

Recently, the Andalas University in Padang, West Sumatra uploaded a message on their website to exhort candidates who had passed the entrance examination to pay the fees, provide their bio data, and to register again. At the time of registration they must bring a form stating that they are not LGBT (bebas LGBT). Helpfully, that […]

“Gay for Pay” in an Economy of Harms

Reflections from an LGBTI rights NGO in Malawi On a chilly July morning, three young people mill about the lobby of Malawi’s LGBTI rights NGO, Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP), located in the capital, Lilongwe. They wait to drop off forms documenting the number of men who have sex with men (MSM) that […]