ASA at the 2017 Annual Meeting

Dear colleagues— Each year for the annual meeting, the ASA coordinates a series of events that draw from the lifetime experiences of its members to address matters of historical interest and ongoing concern in anthropology. Descriptions of the activities follow the list of times and places. This year we are especially pleased to have arranged […]

The National Anthropological Archives . . . and You

According to the late William Moss, former director of the Smithsonian Institution (SI) Archives, the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives (NAA) is “document for document the richest archival research resource in the Institution,” and that in comparison to other SI archival repositories the NAA “probably supports more significant research than any of the others” (NAA correspondence […]

On Being an Anthropologist

For this issue, senior anthropologists reflect on why they still identify as anthropologists and what being an anthropologist means to them. Barbara Joans When I retired from teaching (chair of anthropology at Merritt College and director of the Merritt Museum of Anthropology), I realized that I need explicit projects. I was 75 when I stopped […]

Retiring Your Library (Part Two)

Landfill or Foreign Donation? Click here to read part one and a series of options to consider when looking to dispose of a book collection. Sending a library to an institution abroad is probably the most arduous of the options available for disposing of one’s collection, a process involving several steps: Select the books. I […]

Retiring Your Library (Part One)

Landfill or Foreign Donation? More than five decades have passed since I entered graduate school at Cornell University to pursue a doctorate in anthropology. During my long career as an academic and applied anthropologist, I accumulated thousands of books, and as a member of many sections of the American Anthropological Association and other professional societies, […]

ASA Update June 2017

It took a while for the ASA to adopt to the resignation of our long-time editor Paul Doughty.  Replacing indefatigable Paul has been difficult; the ASA is forever in his debt. But we have been busy! Jim Weil has been hard at work creating sessions for our usual Thursday slot at the DC meetings, including […]