Witnessing “Zero Tolerance” at the Border

With what Ruth Behar refers to as ambivalent connections to our one-time homelands, we arrived at the United States courthouse in downtown El Paso, Texas on a hot afternoon and witnessed the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policies in action.

A Focus on Latina/os in the Silicon Valley

A key tenet of the ALLA’s mission is to enable a sustained diverse analysis of contemporary issues facing Latinx communities in the United States and those with whom they share common experiences, histories, or languages. This year’s community engagement event, Latino/as in the Silicon Valley: Ongoing Struggles for Equity and Social Justice, will be held in conjunction with the School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza.

Our Laboratory of Anthropolocura

New Mexico is a space-time vortex where ancestral Puebloan ceremonial centers reside in the shadow of Los Alamos National Laboratories. Adobe dwellings and pastoral landscapes form the backdrop for sci-fi fantasies, alien crash landings, and a bankrupt spaceport in the desert. This place of speculation and time-traveling contradictions is a perfect location from which to consider the trappings of modernity and anthropological futurity.