Visiting and Revisiting Silicon Valley at the 2018 Annual Meeting

The Association of Senior Anthropologists has planned several activities inspired by the venue of this year’s AAA meeting. The gathering in San José, urban center of Silicon Valley, serves as an incentive to investigate anthropological implications of the digital revolution. Those of us who reached adulthood earlier will recall electric typewriters and photocopiers, for instance, […]

Your Fieldwork and Thinking Lives On

It is getting ever easier to share something valuable from fieldwork or writings sparked by those materials, whether you are early, middle, or late career. But particularly in those retrospective moments around the time of retirement, the idea comes to mind of sifting some things out to donate to an archivist at your alma mater, workplace, or a national repository like the vast space at the Smithsonian Institution.

Synergy across Generations

The ASA program at last year’s AAA Annual Meeting stimulated old memories and addressed topics of ongoing interest and concern. In a panel that launched a full Thursday of stimulating events, senior anthropologists responded to questions about changes in the discipline.