Bullying in Anthropology

Bullying has emerged as an issue to be addressed at all levels of society, including the American Anthropological Association. Its 2012 publication of Principles of Professional Responsibility include, for example,  (1) Do No Harm, and (7) Maintain Respectful and Ethical Professional Relationships. In mentoring students, interacting with colleagues, working with clients and collaborators, acting as a […]

CSAS at AAA 2016

Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS) has four panels at the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting. One is titled “True Confessions: Ethical Conundrums from the Field.” The panel was organized by Margie Buckner, has panels representing case studies or field experiences from Guyana, the Solomon Islands and Guinea Bissau. The discussant will be Robert McKinley. This panel proposes […]

Richard Feinberg: ASAO Honorary Fellow

Central States Anthropological Society member and Past President Richard Feinberg has been elected an Honorary Fellow by the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO). An active member of ASAO since 1976, Feinberg has served on the Board of Directors, participated in the annual meetings and (as at CSAS) has a reputation for contributing to […]