Museum Anthropology Futures Conference Schedule

  Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, May 25–27, 2017 CMA’s inaugural conference is designed to facilitate focused, frank, vivid conversations through non-traditional and anti-hierarchical knowledge exchange. It engages the public through keynotes and reportage in a range of media. Check out the innovative schedule below. More here. Follow on Facebook and @CMAfutures THURSDAY 2–5 p.m.       […]

2016 Student Travel Award Winners

Each year, CMA awards grants of $500 to students to support travel to present at the AAA annual meeting. This year’s Council for Museum Anthropology Board was pleased to offer travel award support to two students in the field who show creativity in their research approach, commitment to the field, and potential for broader impact in […]

Awkward Objects of Genocide

The Holocaust and Vernacular Arts in and beyond Polish Ethnographic Museums   Eastern Europe witnessed 14 million deaths in a period of little more than a decade between 1933 and 1945. The local impact of such widespread and wanton killing as it reverberated in towns, villages, and communities over the subsequent decades is only just […]

Displayed, Not Played

Musical Objects in Shifting Contexts As much as many of us would like to deny it, the art/artifact dichotomy is still with us, and denies many objects comfortable homes in art, anthropology, or natural history museums. Moreover, it runs the risk of alienating the individual viewer within a mass of academic debris, simultaneously blurring aesthetic […]

Ephemeral Encounters and Material Evidence

In 2016, the American Philosophical Society Museum in Philadelphia opened a new exhibition curated by Diana Marsh and Lynnette Regouby, titled “Gathering Voices: Thomas Jefferson and Native America.” Writing from my perspective as an advisor to that exhibition, I share some reflections on the challenges of interpreting Indigenous traditions captured in colonial collections. Material Evidence […]