Insightful Fieldwork

Trust, Humility, and Personal Transformation Notes from the Field, a series by the Culture & Agriculture section of AAA Drawing on the experiences and expertise of our members, Culture and Agriculture introduces its “Notes from the Field” series. Our intent is to make space for creative, thoughtful reflections on the process of fieldwork that, while not […]

On the Mentor-Mentee Relationship as Critical Anthropological Praxis

Notes from The Field, a series by the Culture & Agriculture section of AAA. As the Culture & Agriculture (C&A) section continues to evolve dynamically as an organization within the AAA, we are incredibly privileged as applied anthropologists, educators, and agents of change to be able to help steward future generations as they grow as […]

Mentoring as Anthropological Praxis

C&A Re-Launches Notes from the Field The Culture & Agriculture (C&A) Section of the American Anthropological Society (AAA) has been hard at work revamping and growing its member offerings. September celebrates the re-launch of the monthly Notes From the Field column. There, members and other contributors share their fieldwork experiences and work out nascent theoretical […]

The Fermentological Turn—Multi-Yeasties Ethnography

See what C&A has brewing at the AAA meeting this year I put the pen to the paper and I went off I’m dropping knowledge and wisdom like a mad head dog Step into the function ’cause I’m representing Lyrics on the brain and they sit fermenting   –B(y)eastie Boys, ‘Dope Little Song’ Forget Latour. […]

The Future of Culture & Agriculture

With the launch of a weekly newsletter, updates to Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFE), the dynamic “Weekly Gleaning” series on our website, and increased engagement with our membership, Culture & Agriculture (C&A) is energetically enhancing its work and mission. Through these new initiatives, we’re supporting and bringing together academics and practitioners in innovative and […]

Paper and Community Forest Governance in the Peruvian Amazon

Meet Eduardo Romero Dianderas, winner of the 2016 graduate C&A Netting Award. Each year, the Culture & Agriculture (C&A) section invites anthropology graduate and undergraduate students to submit papers for the Robert M. Netting Best Student Paper Prize, named after one of the foremost contributors to the field of cultural ecology. The winners receive cash […]