Skill and Care in Horse Racing’s Labor Hierarchy

The Culture & Agriculture Sensorium explores the intersections between sensory experiences, agri-food systems, and the socio-political conventions surrounding food production. In this installation, Rebecca Richard explores the role of touch in the care of race horses and the place of this skill within horse racing’s labor hierarchy.

Catering Ghana’s Agricultural Development

That lunch turned out to be the first of many meals that left me asking questions. Since 2014, as part of my research on biotechnology and agricultural development in Ghana, I have attended dozens of development programs throughout the country. These programs—events, workshops, trainings—are impressive microcosms of so-called development efforts. They are where farmers, government officials, development practitioners, NGO program officers, and the occasional anthropologist share spaces, ideas, and meals.

Food Systems in Flux

Join Culture & Agriculture for an exciting program of paper sessions, distinguished speakers—Eric Holt-Giménez—and swingin’ receptions at the 2018 American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings in San José, California!

Sense as Metaphor

In Metaphors We Live By, Lakoff and Johnson (1980) argue that metaphor is like a sense. It structures human experience and guides our understanding of our own and other worlds. Metaphors are passed down, becoming a way for structuring experience—a feeling that guides us through our lives.

Sustaining Agrarian Futures

What is the future of agricultural anthropology? Perhaps we will be “studying up” and turning our ethnographic attention to industrialized food systems. Perhaps we will be focusing on “win-wins” and identifying policies that promote solidarity between economic and environmental goals.