SAS at the 2018 Annual Meeting

The Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS) invites you to join us at the 117th annual American Anthropological Association meeting taking place from November 14-18, 2018 in San Jose, California. The mission of SAS is to promote the advancement of scientific, empirically-based research methodologies within Anthropology. Below, we have compiled a list of sessions, which embody this objective.

Introducing a Biocultural Perspective

This is an introductory text to social and cultural anthropology from a biocultural perspective. What does that exactly mean? Anthropology is at the crossroads between the humanities and the natural sciences. Many prefer to take one of the roads and forget about the other, as if they were incompatible alternatives. My proposal in this book is to bring them together in a productive synthesis.

Addressing #MeToo and Exploitation in Anthropology

The explosion of awareness and public conversation on bullying, harassment, sexual violence, and exploitation in recent years can hardly have gone unnoticed by anyone in academia. Access to important archaeological sites has apparently been contingent on securing favor from key “Alpha Males.”

Cultural Models Theory

While research on cultural models dates back at least three decades, it has typically been conducted by scholars in isolation without a clear acknowledgement of a common agenda. I intend to amend this situation and introduce what I define as cultural models theory (CMT) and set a clear and original path for future research.