Is an Academic Calendar Change a Good Idea?

Recently our college’s Vice President for Learning presented the Deans and Department Chairs with an idea he has for improving student retention. He wants us to move from a more traditional academic calendar of two 15-week semesters that run during the spring and fall to two-7.5 week terms in each of the current 15-week semesters. […]

What Are Students Learning in Anthropology?

My first thought for this month’s article was to consider the role anthropology can play in our new political reality, but, for many, the very newness of this reality is too raw and, like a festering wound, too painful. Since time can be our friend, and since I am in the midst of writing my […]

SACC goes to Minneapolis!

In mid-November I had the opportunity to attend the annual American Anthropological Association (AAA) conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a multi-year attendee, it is an experience I look forward to attending each year. The conference is a particularly enjoyable learning experience that generates for me tremendous insights into both my discipline and my section of […]

The Science of the Story

  I recently returned from the 13th Biennial Scientific Conference of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Grand Teton National Park. This was an unusual conference for a social scientist to attend, but, in terms of conference papers and presentations, it was ideal for my purposes. The conference theme was “Building on the Past, Leading into the […]