Finding Home

The night of the moon landing fell in the middle of a hectic week for my American mother in Iran. She was arranging her wedding, which included the arrival of her best friend from Michigan just in time to sit down in front of the television with my mother’s soon-to-be in-laws to watch Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon.

Call for Papers for Edited Volume, The Familial Occult

We are seeking contributions from scholars in anthropology and other related social sciences who have experiences of the occult (witchcraft, ritual magic, divination, charms, conjuring of spirits, etc.) within their families (the familial occult). We are especially interested in scholars who have member(s) of their immediate or extended family who practice or practiced the occult […]

Why Humanistic Anthropology Matters

Anthropology was a revelation. When I was an undergraduate at Stockholm University, Sweden, my world tumbled as I learned about the range of human diversity. After two weeks in the introductory course, I was hooked, and still am.