Cosmopolitan Conceptions in Global Dubai

A 21st century reprohub Since the beginning of the new millennium, the Arab world has experienced unprecedented levels of political violence and disruption. However, against this bloody backdrop, a high-tech reproductive revolution has quietly unfolded. Namely, by the mid-2000s, the Arab world had developed one of the most robust in vitro fertilization (IVF) sectors in […]

Time to “Study In”

On November 8, I was monitoring election results and live-chatting a group of friends about it on Facebook. We’d done the same during the debates, and many of us—diverse in our educations, occupations, and identities with respect to gender, sexuality and ethnicity spectrums—noted that our running commentary was what kept us sane while watching US […]

My Hopes for the Future of Healthcare Reform in the US

I have studied healthcare access in the US for the past four years. I believed that I understood the general direction the country was going in regards to health policy and healthcare reform. That changed yesterday when Donald Trump was elected president. Today I have no idea what the future of health care in the […]

Discussing “Suffering Slot Anthropology” with Migrant Farm Workers

I have had the honor many times to present together with Triqui Mexican migrant farmworkers who have shaped my thinking and writing. These presentations have been planned collaboratively. Sometimes they involved my presenting a formal paper followed by a response from farmworkers. Other times they took the form of a conversation during which I interviewed […]