Engaged Platform Initiative and Biennial Highlights

Psychological anthropology is building capacities to address current critical societal issues. Drawing upon the discipline’s cumulative insights on self, subjectivity, emotion, perceptions of “other” in relation to “self,” and generative factors in resilience, health, and well-being, the Society for Psychological Anthropology (SPA) has initiated an “engaged psychological anthropology” platform to leverage the expertise of members […]

Women’s Schooling and Literacy

Around 1980, the first demographic evidence became available suggesting that, in a variety of developing countries, women’s schooling was robustly associated not only with lower fertility but also with reduced (post-infancy) child mortality and increased use of health services. “Robust” in this context means that the associations did not disappear when income, father’s schooling, and […]

2016 SPA Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Richard Shweder

Byron Good and I have known each other for fifty years. So there was something seamless, intimate, affectionate and even life-affirming about our SPA breakfast conversation in which we interviewed each other about our biographies, intellectual passions and perspectives on the future of psychological anthropology. And there was a noticeable complementarity in our academic careers […]

2017 SPA Lifetime Achievement Awardee: Byron Good

In accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from Carol Worthman, I said that receiving her note telling me about the Board’s decision ranked with the invitation to deliver the Morgan Lectures many years ago as one of the two most memorable moments of my career. Given those who have received this award in psychological anthropology, this […]