The Urgency of Anthropology in North America

The 2016 US presidential election shined a spotlight on divisions within the country that have been deepening for a long time. With the election of Donald Trump, many people felt shocked about the cultural and political trajectory of the country they thought they had understood. This puncture of expectations revealed many things, not the least […]

“I Don’t Always March, but When I Do, I March My Ass to Work”

Labor, Intersectional Feminism, and the Women’s March The evening after the Women’s March in January, social media feeds filled with photos of protest signs and pink pussy hats. Simultaneously, social media posts circulated claiming that marchers did not represent all women. One meme, liked by women working at my field site, stood out to me. […]

Producing a Crisis at the Border

In the summer of 2014, record numbers of Central American youth were detained by United States immigration authorities along the Southwestern border of the US. At the time, this apparent influx of unaccompanied, undocumented minors was positioned as a discrete event by the White House and other political actors. It was an acute but momentary […]

Defend and Transform

The Fight Forward for Public Education In the aftermath of the US presidential election, policy pundits and even some activists have suggested that diverse schools can help heal the nation from the hatred that Trump’s victory represents. A lack of diversity, they argue, breeds hatred; conversely, diversity is supposed to trump hate, and contact with […]