Producing a Crisis at the Border

In the summer of 2014, record numbers of Central American youth were detained by United States immigration authorities along the Southwestern border of the US. At the time, this apparent influx of unaccompanied, undocumented minors was positioned as a discrete event by the White House and other political actors. It was an acute but momentary […]

Defend and Transform

The Fight Forward for Public Education In the aftermath of the US presidential election, policy pundits and even some activists have suggested that diverse schools can help heal the nation from the hatred that Trump’s victory represents. A lack of diversity, they argue, breeds hatred; conversely, diversity is supposed to trump hate, and contact with […]

Rust Belt Revolt and the Failure of Big Data

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign season, most people in America—including nearly all political analysts, statisticians, and other experts—were confident that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. The filmmaker Michael Moore was famously one of the only public figures who pushed against this consensus. On Real Time with Bill Maher, Moore insisted that Donald Trump […]

Left Behind by the World’s Wealthiest Military

Residents of Carroll County, Illinois feel like they’ve been left behind by federal government policies for a while, but not exactly in the way that popular narratives about Rustbelt communities might suggest. In this community, and hundreds of other communities like it across the country, the government itself—and more specifically, the Department of Defense—was the employer […]